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How to choose good travel agency?

As a rule, all large travel agencies are located at us in Russia in the center, to be exact - in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Firms which specialize in creation of rounds are called tour operators. They have an opportunity to reserve for the clients places in hotels and to provide with all services which will be necessary.

Firms which sell already ready tours are called travel agencies. They work, as a rule, with many tour operators and have an opportunity to provide to the clients the choice.

Only the few firms in our country can be called tour operators, travel agencies and the organizations which combine these two kinds of activity most often meet.

What major factors to which it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of travel agency ?

In - the first, it is popularity firms. It is absolutely clear that if it exists not the first year and the name it is known from advertizing, then, most likely, this firm can provide high-quality services. If you hear the name for the first time, the firm new and did not prove in the market in any way, then and quality of services can be doubtful. But it does not mean that from the rule there are no exceptions. There are firms only beginning the way in the sphere of tourism, but quite honest and responsible.

Pay attention to office, to the relation of personnel to you as to the client. The serious organization will seat you in a convenient chair, will suggest to drink a cup of tea or coffee, and also will give the chance to examine in details services. Pay attention to service.

In - the second, it is of the price . Anyway at the choice of travel agency it is necessary to be engaged in the comparative analysis of the prices. It is the best of all to call at first those firms which interested you most of all and to write down in details all information. Then it is worth comparing the prices and the list of services. If you misunderstood something, do not hesitate to call several times and to ask again. You the client, therefore, you are always right. The prices of some firms for similar rounds can differ twice. It is necessary to consider this fact. Especially it concerns the popular directions of tourism.

In - the third, it is worth paying attention to existence of discounts . Discounts can be several types: seasonal, discount, group, children`s, on an advance payment, on last-minute travel offers and others. Discounts - a thing quite disputable, they create only round reduction in cost illusion, but it is pleasant to many clients.

In - the fourth, pay attention to quantity of stars . Of course, in each country the ideas of criteria of quality of hotels so in the different countries comfort level in hotels of same “stardom“ can differ very.

In - the fifth, pay attention to remoteness hotel from the beach . You do not want to reach the sea by a taxi? Therefore it is necessary to clear also this question.

In - the sixth, take an interest in in services of the guide . It already depends completely on your taste and preferences. Some love independence, others prefer escort of the guide.

the Seventh point is an insurance . Usually the insurance joins in round cost, but all - it is worth specifying this question. Sad stories about unpleasant adventures of our compatriots from - for incorrect the conclusions of the contract with which mass media dazzle are known to all.

the Eighth - of an inoculation . There is a list of the countries at entrance to which it is necessary to do vaccination. You should not risk the health and to save on inoculations.

In - the ninth: food . Only to you to decide what diet will suit you most of all. Perhaps, to you there will be enough only an organized breakfast, and in the rest of the time you will independently eat. And maybe, you will prefer a full board, but then you will depend more on the schedule of hotel. In good agency to you will give a practical advice and on this matter too.

Well, and the last that it would be desirable to note, are purchases. Surely ask that it is favorable to buy in this or that country and what you should not buy in general.

It is the best of all to get souvenirs with national color in several days after arrival when you already got acquainted with local products of national trade and managed to understand what products stand your attention.