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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the cellular mobile phone house advantage harm value a role influences to call to use conversation number of property communication facilitated the SMS message debauchery changed stationary less often often promotes maintaining loose life

d Phone - the brilliant invention.

and the Call of phone - one of significant sounds in human life.

vz Phone, making people more available, reduces their importance and accelerates process of satiation with each other.

pv Phone is capable to ring out love - but if to use it reasonably and moderately, he is her friend.

and Phone, connecting people - does them lonely.

d Distance to phone - at all.

of a kla Phone made the earth small.

d Phone - softens separation.

d Phone allows to be with relatives always together.

d with the advent of phone people began to meet less.

z Having calmed nervousness about the loved one ringing we extinguish aspiration to a meeting with it.

z What is to you the loved one after disruption of communication quicker - you to it are dearer to those and he is stronger about you worries.

d Phone reduced need of meetings and facilitated their transfer.

and Two phone conversations - replace one meeting.

p The is more long telephone conversations - the meeting is farther. d General installation of telephones significantly facilitated

, meet the organization between people.

and General installation of telephones allowed to find the sexual partner, being run according to the list with the decreasing appeal in only a few minutes.

in Phone broke the communication nature.

d Phone develops attention and responsibility.

d Phone made human life of safer and especially in the remote places.

and dishonest or frivolous people Change a phone number, as a rule.

d Via the cell phone can be found - where the person is, through stationary - whether on the place it.

pz the Person who hammered the memory with texts, calculations, figure -

mi, dates, phones., it is not capable to philosophize, logically to think …

and the phone it seems unusual, and personal number original and easily memorable.

and Phone at big separation of lovers - does not allow feelings to cool down, small - to inflame.

pz Phone, without allowing lovers to be separated, breaks natural process that can lead to a rupture of the relations.

and Phone promotes maintaining loose life.

d Phone the worst enemy - rest.

and If not to switch off phone at the end of conversation by the first - can learn sooner or later about itself the truth.

and Need for marriage decreased for the account simplification of search of sexual partners and the organization of meetings with them thanks to general installation of telephones.

d Phone reduces separation.

p The more often and longer people see each other, the more rare that will not be satiated with each other with it it is necessary to use phone.

pz even if it wait for Phone call, there is an invasion into private life of the person, it leads to violation of its current. Via the self-preservation instinct mechanism it is perceived as angrily.

p Try that called you.

d Calling is free and located spirit, answering is occupied and can quite be in bad mood.

and About calling us we the worst opinion, than about those to whom we call.

d has to connect Phone - but not to find.

and Talking to the stranger, we try to present to


and Thanks to phone even the stranger who is for

thousands of kilometers - can be near.

and Phone always calls not vpopad.

and SMS use economical, weak in the speech and deceivers.

yu SMS was thought up by those - who wanted to hide the shame and deception.

yu with the advent of phone people began to live full time.

yu binds the Home telephone number, cellular - becomes attached.

yu Sharp races of the prices of phones will be with the advent of the function defining is favorable or ringing.

yu can tell the Data kept in phone about the person

more, than all his acquaintances.

yu Earlier children dreamed to carry what parents have - now

parents wear phones of children.

yu is better to Call today`s affairs having made.

yu with the advent of phone a voice gained the big importance.

yu By phone it is possible to communicate without drinking.

yu Phone - the device on check of patience.

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