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Real man`s gift: how to choose an air gun?

the Weapon - one of the best gifts for the man of any age. Just at one age of the man rejoice to the toy weapon, and having become a little more senior, are not content with toy any more. Nevertheless the weapon remains for them attractive, and almost each man will be delighted, having received something shooting. But here trouble: the civil firearms in Russia are limited to fowling pieces and the traumatic weapon. Acquisition of that and another is accompanied by certain difficulties if it is about purchase of the weapon for other person.

Nevertheless an exit is. In the Russian market the mass of models of the pneumatic weapon for every taste absolutely freely is on sale. A subject of this article - guns as the most universal gift for the man.

But this variety also creates difficulties. Really, how to choose? Let`s try to understand.

First of all think whether to the place there will be such gift. Perhaps, the person feels hostility to the weapon (and such men meet!) or he simply has no place to shoot. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you if the gift chosen by you in a month is sold at half price (that happens not so seldom). On the other hand, it is not excluded that the recipient of a gift - the military, the athlete - the shooter or just the fan of such equipment, is good in it understanding. For such person it is worth choosing a gift especially thoughtfully, it will be pleased really not by any pneumatics.

Air guns share on: pruzhinno - piston (“rewithdrawal pains“), compression and multicompression, gas-balloon.

“Perelomka“ is arranged by the principle to all familiar tirovy rifles and is very simple in use: broke a trunk, inserted a pool, closed, shot. Pluses: simplicity, availability at the price (1800-2700 rub) high precision. Minuses: the small choice (shops are presented the Russian IZh - 53 and the Turkish Blow H - 01), big dimensions, it is impossible to shoot a series.

The compression pneumatics also assumes a perezaryazhaniye after each shot. In compression guns we the lever pump up air in the special tank (from 1 to 10 musclemen), we load a pool, we shoot. Pluses: the number of musclemen it is possible to regulate power, there is no return, high precision. Minuses: the small choice (2 - 3 models), low rate of firing (before each shot it is necessary to rock several times the lever).

So we will talk about gas-balloon guns .

First of all such guns share on bullet (have a rifle barrel, shoot lead pools) and spherical (have a smooth trunk, shoot steel balls). Bullet guns much more precisely and are suitable for thoughtful firing at paper targets more. Steel balls break bottles much better, usually they are preferred by fans of entertaining firing “on shish kebabs“. Pools usually settle down in the barabanchik established under a lock; balls - in shop in a handle (as at service pistols!) .

There are guns, more - less precisely the copying fighting models. Usually they are made of metal (as a rule, of alpax). From my point of view, any practical advantages metal does not give. Modern plasticity does not concede to alpax in durability at all and if you managed to break the case, plastic (unlike alpax) can be stuck together. Metal adds weight and feeling of realness.

A number of models have moving when firing (as at service pistols) a lock and return. Their power is usually lower as the part of gas is spent for providing the course of a lock. At the same time they can have quite good accuracy, noustupat in it to guns with a motionless lock from - for returns.

So, in the beginning we decide on the price. Let`s very conditionally allocate price categories. Let`s be guided by the prices of shops, besides really to buy the gun in a fine state with documents and even a guarantee from hands at the price is 20 - 30% lower than store.

Price category 1500 - 3500 rubles

B it get the Russian MR - 651 (simple, exact, unpretentious, but quite often having factory “jambs“), guns of Crosman firm of the C11, C21, C31, C41 model - I use representatives of this ruler. Differing in the sizes and design, all guns of a range “C“ have the identical mechanism and the plastic case (except siluminovy C41) and are calculated on firing by steel balls. Despite low cost, it is one of the most powerful guns at high profitability of gas. And have accuracy quite accepted.

The similar device and characteristics have guns of the Russian firm “Aniks“ and the Taiwan CyberGun .

Crosman 357 revolvers - the most budgetary version of the revolver. Unlike a range “C“, Crosman 357 shoots pools, so, has bigger accuracy. Besides it, get to this price group also bullet Crosman 1008.

Price category 3500 - 5000 rubles

Probably, the majority of the guns bought as a gift get to this category.

Among the most popular “sharometa“ of WaltherPPK/S and Walther Compact CP99 from the German firm Umarex. Unlike previous, these guns: a) metal; b) possess high degree of similarity to fighting prototypes; c) have the mobile lock adding realness and imitating return. Offers Umarex and the bullet guns Walther 99 and Walther 88 intended more for slow target than for entertaining firing.

There is a wish to note the popular gun Daisy PowerLine 5501 with imitation of the return and unique valvate system allowing to spend a cylinder with gas completely without loss of power of a shot (usually in process of a cylinder expenditure power decreases).

The gun Jericho 941 which is very precisely copying the corresponding service pistol is interesting. His producer, the Taiwan firm CyberGun, lets out the whole line of the air guns of very decent quality entering this price category.

In the same price category there is a majority of guns of the Gletcher brand. In the Russian market this company recently. I want to note only interesting models of Gletcher SW B25 and SW B4 revolvers . Their feature in use of the cartridges imitating sleeves. Balls are loaded in cartridges on one then “cartridges“ are placed into a cylinder. Thanks to the rotating drum and “sleeves“, the revolver looks as fighting and will be an excellent gift to the admirer of westerns. Model “Anturazhnost“ generally compensates not the highest precision. Price category from 5000 rubles

In this price category first of all I will call

the Russian MR - 656 and MR - 654. The first of them is created on the basis of fighting by a TT, the second - the copy of the gun of Makarov, both guns have steel (but not siluminovy) the case.

Also it would be desirable to note several models from Umarex firm: Beretta M92FS - a pneumatic remark of fire “Beretta“ (bullet, metal, weighty, exact), and of Desert Eagle - a remark of the well-known Desert Eagle. The gun bullet, heavy (though in a design and plasticity is a lot of, but I personally do not see in it a shortcoming), exact, with a mobile lock (return imitation).

One more gun from Umarex - SA177 , executed in Glock style. As well as previous, it has return imitation, but shoots not bullets, but steel spheres. Respectively, is less exact, but spends gas much more economically.

A latest model - of GSG 92 from CyberGun (its prototype - Taurus PT 92). The gun has not only imitation of return, but also a possibility of firing by turns.

And if the speech came about a possibility of automatic firing, I cannot but mention one more model “ground“ on maintaining “fire“ by turns: the MR submachine gun - 661, or “Thrush“ . “Thrush“ powerful, at the same time is rather exact, has original appearance and can shoot both single shots, and turns on 3 and 6 balls.

I hope, you will not make the wrong choice and will please close men with an interesting and reasonably useful gift. And for someone, perhaps, your gift will become the first step in hobby for pneumatics.