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Lidiya Lopukhova and John Keynes. How the country daughter became the English baroness?

“… she is cleverer than somebody, and Keynes has the best brains in the country “. to

(Herbert Wales)

About whom so expressed the famous writer? Who is so clever that it is cleverer than the cleverest? Everything is very simple - the speech about the daughter of the Russian peasant and about the English scientist with a world name. And they were connected by bonds of strong marriage.

So, John Keynes and Lidiya Lopukhova - couple which is remembered: and everyone separately, and as family. Both that, and another - celebrities in the areas. Both at that, and at another - anniversary this year.

John Maynard Keynes

Is a name is very well familiar to economists. The largest scientist of the 20th century dealing with problems of economy.

John Keynes (in the middle of life - the first lord Keynes) was born on June 5, 1883 years in Cambridge, died on April 21, 1946 years in the estate. Keynes`s works contain 33 volumes. In effect, it based the whole section (macroeconomic), moreover - became the founder of the new direction. It and is called - Keynesianism .

For the time Keynes was a progressive economist: he considered that the state has to interfere actively with economic process not only as the regulator of rules of the game, but also invest money. Concerning any economic theories the majority of us had extremely mistrustful relation. But many theories work - more often unfortunately, than fortunately for all living. People were tired of various experiments. What does not cancel existence of economy both as sciences, and as practicians (process).

There was Keynes and in the USSR. And understood the relation to what he saw, was difficult and ambiguous. But publicly concerning the country - the wife`s homeland - Keynes expressed carefully. How two so different persons from the different countries got acquainted? Lidiya Lopukhova it is known to


In Europe and America as Lopokova - so her surname was remade by Dyagilev on a harmony, more clear on foreign hearing. Subsequently it appeared also in official documents. But Lidiya Lopokova became lady Keynes soon.

In England about it several books are published already. And matter not only in respect for the famous economist - the matter is that the identity of this woman causes a great interest.

Lidiya Vasilyevna Lopukhova (Lopokova, subsequently Keynes) was born on October 21, 1892 years in St. Petersburg. Her father - on all sources - was a peasant, the native of the Tambov province. Having moved to the city, he began to work at the Maryinsky Theater. Probably, the father was not indifferent to theater and the ballet because he gave five children to study in imperial ballet school. It is not excluded that some role in this family decision was played that children were not just trained free of charge at this school, but also were on full providing.

the Dynasty

I all children (except for one) became dancers. From them - it is possible to call at least two outstanding. This is Lidiya and her elder brother Fedor. Surprising business, but, despite very difficult era, relatives of Lidiya who did not live day in the USSR avoided repressions. Moreover, Fyodor Vasilyevich Lopukhov (1886-1973) - the people`s artist of RSFSR and the honored ballet master of RSFSR, periodically held actually nomenclature position of the artistic director of ballet troupe of the Maryinsky Theater. He played a huge role and in preservation of traditions, and in formation of new ballet forms. About Fedor Lopukhov the separate story, his grandson is necessary, too Fedor is nowadays the soloist of the same Mariinsky theater, and now it is necessary to return to Lidiya Lopukhova.

After a skonchaniye of ballet school Lidiya comes to ballet group of Dyagilev, and at once - the European tours. Then - the USA, Latin America. In 1918 it - in London where successfully acts in Myasin`s ballets. Its roles in “Heat - a bird“, Stravinsky`s “Parsley“ and “Sleeping Beauty“ did not leave indifferent public, and also one English gentleman. This gentleman came to look at Lidiya every evening, day by day. So acquaintance of the Russian ballerina and scientist famous already by then - the economist began.

Courting was quite long. Keynes sends to the beloved from Russia work “Economic consequences of the world“. Since then the economist discusses all the new books only with Lidiya. And, apparently, Lidiya did not make any work to understand difficult science to economy moreover its latest theories.

The attitude towards the ballerina from Russia originally was extremely skeptical. Keynes was included into Blumsberiysky club - the known society of the English intellectuals. The poet Thomas Eliot, the writer E. M. Forster, artists Roger Frei and Duncan Grant, for example, entered this circle. And also the famous English writer Virginia Woolf who ate poyedy the Russian girlfriend of Keynes. Her poisonous statements concerning Lidiya and her possible marriage with Keynes are known. “ I Want to tell you a small gossip about Maynard and Lidiya. In September we together with them stayed in the count house, and it was not simply as Lidiya`s manners not count … Lidiya … it is obvious, does not know all rules of conduct. At it a shower of a little squirrel, nothing the best about it you will tell. It can iron for hours the nose a forward pad. She still tries to learn the unfortunate being who got to Blumsberi Shakespeare by heart “ - Virginia Woolf in letters so offensively wrote.

The venerable writer was “obviously not indifferent“ to the Russian ballerina, her numerous pejorative statements concerning Lopukhova - Keynes are known. Moreover, also the opinion that one heroine - Retion from “Mrs. Dallouey“ - Woolf partially “wrote off“ from Lidiya met to me.

But also the ballerina was sharp on language and returned the favor: “ Virginia is a bouquet of with pleasure smelling flowers in words “ - she said about Woolf. Lidiya who “at universities was not trained“ often nonplused the husband`s friends the mild and cheerful wit.

Serious gentlemen were strongly concerned by “thoughtless“ hobby of their friend. Not only that not their circle, but also derisive, even naughty. And after a wedding bewilderment and grumble long did not stop. Ah, she is not able to hold the house as the Englishwoman! Yes it has a mind, as at a canary! - the Cambridge intellectuals gossiped. Even the fact that she visited the whole world with tours seemed to venerable public “a low gipsiness“ though they got out “to the continent“ occasionally and very elaborately.

But Lidiya and Keynes did not pay attention to prejudices and gossips. Both behind shoulders had a youth, at everyone - with the history, with put (or not really) “youth errors“. (Some stories - quite in the spirit of Agatha Christie). Around there were Cambridge professors and representatives of society. But Lidiya quietly, with advantage (and with humour which all mention) entered a circle of the English snobs. Then G. Uels also said the phrase: “ It not only is clever for the ballerina, she is cleverer than somebody, and Keynes has the best brains in the country“ . Wales Lidiya became friends with Herbert subsequently, was friends also from Pablo Picasso who drew her more than once. Being already Keynes`s wife, made friends with the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

After a marriage Lopukhova acted a little more - it was that exceptional case when Dyagilev also did not object to a marriage of the ballerina, and left her in troupe. And Keynes who was rather well-to-do person helped the Diaghilev`s ballet a little. Moreover, he sponsored construction of the Cambridge Theatre of arts in which his wife acted already as the drama actress.

After the husband seriously got sick, Lidiya devoted the life to care of it. Actually for many years it was at it the nurse, the secretary. All note that without continued care of the wife Keynes`s life would break earlier.

After Keynes`s death Lidiya Lopukhova lived more than 30 years, but she lived practically the hermit. It did not leave any memoirs - neither about the well-known ballet youth, nor about the husband (and it was about what to tell!) . But all write about it and write.

Lidiya Vasilyevna Lopukhova (Lopokova, she is baroness Keynes) on June 8, 1981 at the age of 88 years died. But interest in it does not die away still. In England several books about her life are published, all biographers note “surprising“ traits of character of the ballerina - vivacity and firmness, humour and fidelity. These qualities created far from the homeland and the family allowed Lidiya to shine in theatrical roles and to be a devoted friend and the wife. To tease high society and to penetrate seriously into professional questions of economy, to help the Leningrad relatives and to monitor treatment of the husband. And than it is such surprising qualities? Well is more visible to British, probably.

And for some reason the next mention of incomprehensible “Slavic soul“ in the next English biographic book about Lidiya Lopukhova was absolutely naturally apprehended 2008. Let there is also that if all so want.