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For the first time in Baku...

With the second to a half of the 19th century in Baku the Armenian community of Baku was one of socially - the political, economic and cultural centers of Transcaucasia. Actively establishing relations with the West, disposing of huge economic resources and being dug out to innovations, the organized Armenian community could become one of the first in Baku in many areas.

&ndash newspaper; “ Armenian world “ / Aikakan ashkhar / Baku, 1877 - 78, the editor - the publisher Stefanos Stepan

the Book - “ Pass of Indians through desert islands “ Avaga Grigoryan

translation Publishing house - 1870. The philanthropic organization of Baku

Library - 1870. Philanthropic Reading room organization

- 1880. The philanthropic organization

In 1897 - 1907 by the Armenian industrialists (A. Mantashyan, Rubbed - Akopov, Rubbed - Margaryan, etc.) the first-ever oil pipeline of Baku - Batumi

the Philanthropist (humanitarian) association - the Philanthropic organization of Baku of 1864

Ovannes Minasovich Mirzoyan &ndash was constructed; was “ one of fathers of petrobusiness “. He was the first who founded in 1868 in Sarukhan two kerosene plants.

In 1869 Ovannes Mirzoyan (Mirzoyev) constructed the first petrowell in Absheron.

Vardan Arshakuni in 1853 developed technology of long-term storage of fish caviar in cans.

In 1891 Piliposyana`s brothers founded the first chocolate factory in Baku. Production won 3 gold medals at different international competitions.

In 1891 S. Melik Gulambaryants founded the Transcaucasia`s first plant of fruit juice and mineral waters.

The first in Baku in 1891 A. Haradzhyan founded the Caucasian mirror plant.

The first in Baku the conductor A. Ionnisyan based the Azerbaijani ensemble of national tools.

The first in Baku in 1908 E. Mailyan built the building of the opera.

The first in Azerbaijan in 1870 - ykh actors, spouses Stepan and Alma Safrazyany presented to azerbaydzhanoyazychny society of work of the famous modern playwrights in translation.


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