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What to arm with to become the head?

Always in due time in the right place

If each head are where he has to be, feel in the elements, do what will have to do, so in collective with such head harmony and an order. the Example for imitation

you Seek to be

the highly educated head and induce the subordinates to work on a personal example. To direct as you understand, it is necessary to know more than the others and to teach much those with whom you communicate. Only if we know more, we can be an example for someone.

of the Word never have to disperse from business

One of the gross blunders of today`s experts: they think that if they were appointed to a senior position, then subordinates will unconditionally execute commands. It far not so, the head always has to be afloat. If you relaxed and ceased to act as the excellent head, surely someone will catch up with you and will be the first. Subordinates follow the one who installs belief.

Good conditions for employees

the Head should not drive workers on a short lead, and on the contrary, has to expand borders. Always to give support to those who we will gain spirit of an iskatelstvo. It is necessary to be the teacher, the adviser, but not the supervisor, - and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Be always and everywhere are tactful and polite

As Cervantes spoke, “nothing costs us so cheap and is appreciated as expensively as politeness“. Politeness has to proceed with all the heart. When we are able to tell in time “excuse“ - we not simply show the etiquette, but also we show respect. You do not speak at all “I apologize“ - so we excuse ourselves, and such apology is interesting to nobody.

the Creative atmosphere in collective

here as is impossible for

of the Word of Efelbakh by the way: “Where there is no scope for manifestation of abilities, there are no abilities also“ . Any abilities should be maintained. “Talents should be helped, lacks of talent will break through“.

… and good psychological climate

for this purpose needs to select personnel correctly: on age, sex and psychological compatibility. In uneven-age collectives the highest labor discipline is observed. Rapid growth of young workers happens when in collective there is continuous transfer of experience. It learns youth to hold a distance, teaches a step, teaches politeness, learns to build up the relationship correctly. And for those who aged, charging innovative spirit is always necessary.

That is simple to be the head not so-. Only then we will effectively operate people when we adhere to certain principles. These principles have to get used to us, to become properties of character, and then there is a high probability that we will be able “to do hands of others“ great causes.