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Publishing in Baku of

B in Baku was organized 1864 the Armenian charitable society whose efforts in 1870 created the first Armenian printing house where the letters transported from tiflissky printing house published the book “Pass of Indians through Desert Islands“ in Avaga Grigoryan (1872) translation, four releases of the songbook “the Nightingale of Armenia“ (1874), “The chosen fables“ Mkhitara Gosha, Olimpian and Aesop, the translation of the father Horen Mirzabekyan (1878), reports of charitable society. Since 1874 the Malafyants and To printing house, and since 1876 - Gasabyants`s printing house worked.

In 1880 - x years in Baku printing houses C opened. Rubbed - Ovanisyana and Alexander Gasabyan, and in 1890 - x years - S. Shakhbazyan`s printing houses and “Aror“. For the last from Constantinople delivered the Aramyan font thanks to what there was an opportunity to print magnificent editions, for example, the illustrated calendars “Aror“ (1893 - 96). Also Gyulbasaryan`s printing houses and “Brothers Kazaryan“ are mentioned in reference books. Some of them, in particular Shakhbazyan`s printing houses and “Aror“, functioned till 1920. At the beginning of the 19th century in Baku N. Erevanyants, M. Antonyants, A. Tarayan, L. Mirzoyan, K. Hatisyan`s printing houses, “Artsvaberd“, “Aramazd“, brothers Karapetyan worked. The Armenian books and periodicals were printed also in printing houses “Trud“, “Truzhennik“, “Baku“ and in other not Armenian printing houses.

Thanks to the Armenian charitable society of Baku, in the city also the museum where manuscripts, old printing books, archives of the Armenian figures gathered was founded. In 1870 the Armenian library at which, since 1880, the reading room worked opened. In library in different years the writer Shirvanzade and the historian Leo (Arakel Babakhanyan) worked. In 1914 the library contained 21 800 books, received 68 periodicals. In 1894 at library the literary fund was created.

In total in 1872 - 1920 in Baku about 300 names of books, textbooks, reference books were published. Generally they were published on Ashkharabar (new Armenian).


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