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The Armenian buildings in Baku.

the Architectural appearance of Baku was in many respects created with active and effective participation of the Armenian architects and builders.

In construction of Baku the contribution of architects of was especially remarkable. Rubbed - Mikaelyana, V. Sargsyan (Sarkisov), N. Bayev. Rubbed - Ovanisyan (Kadzhaznuni), Anna Oltetsian, F. Agalyan, A. Kandinyan, M. Rubbed - Grigoryantsa...

The Armenian architects, subjecting to some processings the new styles getting from Russia, created in Baku peculiar architecturally - construction samples.

One of founders of the Baku architectural style is Gabriel Rubbed - Mikaelyan − the author of the significant structures of the city constructed at the beginning of the XX century. G. Rubbed - Mikaelyan designed frontal part of the main building of a municipal government. On its project in 1910 - 1912 the maternity hospital (1899), the building of the Baku branch of Trade bank of Tiflis (1902 - 1903) in which the Toy Store shop, Trade school functions (1905 - 1910) now were constructed the building of Public club (nowadays the building of philharmonic hall of Azerbaijan).

Important sphere of activity of. Rubbed - Mikaelyana there was a construction of churches.

The big contribution to architecture and town planning of Baku at the beginning of the XX century was brought also by N. Bayev.

In 1911 - 1918 it was the chief architect of Baku.

On its project in 1913 were constructed the theater building Mailyanov (nowadays the building of the opera and ballet), a hospital complex (19 infirmaries with 24 - mya cases), several schools, a gymnasium, houses of Salimanov, Sheremetyevo, etc., station of the railroad in Sapunchi (1927), surgical hospital of Semashko, the area Armenikend who was called in his honor, etc.

On the project of the architect V. Sargsyana in Baku more than 10 buildings were built. On the project F. Agalyana the gymnasium, maternity hospital, treasury, the Working house, etc. were constructed. M were authors of a number of buildings also G. Kadzhaznuni. Rubbed - Grigoryants and many others. The buildings built on projects of the Armenian architects still decorate the capital of Azerbaijan with Baku.

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