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Whether it is necessary to teach psychology at school?

Study psychology in youth, it can be useful to you not only in old age.

Before you will have a need to address the psychologist or, God forbid, the psychiatrist, try to acquire a minimum of psychological knowledge and experience which during some period of life can be necessary for everyone.

Having read in the magazine “Shkolazhizni. ru“ article “Why to the psychologist? There are friends!“, decided to participate in its discussion. Readers in the comments generally reproach the author with comparison of the psychologist with the doctor.

Actually the psychologist is a link. If its help has not enough, then an exit for the client - to become the patient, and already the psychiatrist. From the psychological problem which in time is not solved it is possible and to ache.

The psychologist`s task - to notice, at what stage a problem and whether it is solved by psychological methods. We have no traditions of communication with psychologists, such what takes place in the West long ago. It is one of problems connected with a social order.

In capitalist society of people becomes more lonely and individually solves the problems. It is possible to count on the help of friends not always as the circle of contacts is usually formed in a certain society where the friend can be at any time an enemy (to pursue the interests). For example, happens, the best friends create the general business, and then become the worst enemies.

To be a true professional - the psychologist, it is not enough to have vocational higher education and loud titles, the diploma with honors - too not an indicator. Personal characteristics, own life experience and a broad outlook, and also skill to communicate and ability to belief are very important.

The wrong interpretation of a problem of the client can drive it into a bigger deadlock. The cost of services of the psychologist has to be proportional to the gained effect, but not hourly payment or tariffs. If could not help the client - has to compensate him the missed time and the received psychological discomfort.

It is a pity that the psychology is not taught at school. Need to address “experts“ by what themselves considered not only professional psychologists, but also psychics, mediums, astrologers, preachers and other whose participation in calm of suffering or lost souls happens very disputable or even harmful would not be very much.

Most often people try to find a way out of a difficult situation. The person lonely needs support. Without having an opportunity to ask someone for the help, I mean relatives, relatives, fellow workers or true friends, such individual can lose will and faith in people around that will gradually turn or into alcoholic dependence, or to the way of life which was even more aggravating its problems.

Most often those who in accordance with the circumstances have a discomfort in perception of surrounding reality and in search of the place in the circumstances are forced to address psychologists. It can be connected with loss of work, relatives, with divorce, with age changes or the increased obligations which it cannot execute, with impotence or a climax.

Change etc. can lead violation of the habitual mode or way of life, inability to solve objectives, treachery, to change of personal characteristics of the subject incapable independently to find the way out.

The psychologist is only one of experts who can try to understand together with the client his problems, but it is not necessary to count that it is panacea.

The psychologist will not be able to give you those knowledge and skills which would make you psychologically steady, capable to find a way out of any situation. But he can practically help you to make it, here and now. The main thing - not to fight off the client of desire, to give hope and belief, first of all to its own forces. Otherwise the client to the expert will be farfetched and will seriously devastate the purse.

Happens and so that people whom the questions connected not so much with self-improvement and human relations, how many with influence on people around most of all interest become psychologists. The aim to help others is not always pursued. Therefore many professional experts approach the solution of problems of the clients from the point of view of, “far“ from mercantile reasons.

By the way, psychologists have enough problems too, as well as at other experts on whom the spirit or even human health depends. I know not one doctor struggling with alcoholism of patients, but not capable to cure myself.

Therefore at least approximately to be guided in a question, to begin to master psychology it is desirable as soon as possible, from a school bench.