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Let`s continue to struggle with common sense?!

B 70 the American psychiatrists unexpectedly came to year to opinion that homosexuality it not the congenital perversion connected with the fact that the body of the person belongs to one floor, but mentality to another, and just when same-gender individuals enter with each other the sexual relations. Among these psychiatrists, were, I think, the good experts who are knowing the how and why of things. And nevertheless none of them acted against, did not make scandal, left guild of psychiatrists in protest … Why? Really all of them were so intimidated? Or decided that it is not such serious problem, from - behind which it is possible to put the out? I do not know … I Know

only that it became clear to those who fills with political processes that the power of communists in Russia long will not stretch, and it is necessary to intimidate the population by what that another, to find the horror story clear to everything, type: your son will meet the homosexual, that will turn the poor thing into the belief and your son a derelict for the rest of life will become. Thus, the flywheel of homosexual promotion was started. It got into all areas of mass information: at cinema, literature, television … Let`s glance, for example, in the advertized novel Colin Maccaloou “The Thorn Birds“ written in the seventies. The heroine lodges in the house where, the floor above, “there live two lesbians“. We about them learn nothing more - they are not necessary to the author. Homosexuality subjects asked to concern Maccaloou casually, she agreed … and received big circulations of the book.

In the nineties decided that to enter the homosexual moments into the modern art obviously insufficiently and that it is time to be engaged in classics already; first: they will not be able to stand for themselves, in - the second: they do not need to pay for it …. For such experiment the classics the Russian more approaches: it is not a pity for her! As always, were annual on all directors: in drama theater put “Three sisters“ where at Tuzenbakh and Vershinin feel each other a sexual attraction; in opera - Onegin with Lensky has the same problem; and in the ballet “Swan Lake“ where the angry sorcerer Rotbart dreams to become a lover … Siegfried.

How here everything is based on hypocrisy, history with our Tatu group showed. When the girls representing lesbian love on a scene headed a hit - parades in Great Britain, local figures were revolted. Probably, on from opinion, Russia did not grow before yet to take part in game, under the name “homosexuality“.

But deification of the increasing absurdity there was an establishment of a holiday: Day of fight against a homophobia which is celebrated since two thousand third. / In the people it is day already nicknamed: In the afternoon of fight against in a govnofobiya / That initiators of this holiday put in the concept “homophobia“? In the theory it means that it is necessary to struggle with some mythical characters who offend poor homosexuals, fire them, beat etc.

In real life all this not so, homosexuals not badly settle in life: have not dusty work, wives, children … and secret the lover whom they carefully hide. And all this very much even suits them. It is much more difficult to have that who is forced by

to communicate with the homosexual constantly. I speak about it not by hearsay, lived near such person more than 30 years … It was incredibly cunning, resourceful “man“ able “to catch a wave“ the interlocutor, to be pleasant … The first wife and the daughter had from second marriage serious illnesses, there are no proofs that responsible for their misfortunes is it, but the fact that he was interested in their illness and put upon both psychological pressure, obviously.

In youth he was several years in the German occupation - survived, judging by his stories, nobody oppressed him. I allow, he managed to

to escape thanks to the cunning, but, most likely because the statement, as if the fascist mode exterminated all homosexuals

it is a little exaggerated. People objectionable to which homosexuality was attributed were just exterminated. And if was impatient to deliver to

a monument to homosexuals - to the victims of the fascist mode, then it was more correct to put a monument accused of homosexuality.

If I, not the psychiatrist in the specialty, understand this question, really those to which, came to mind to think up such holiday, do not understand?!

Actually this holiday of fight against common sense. At Goebbels who spoke: “the lie is more absurd, the it is rather in it to calibrate“ there were followers … Still Marquis de Sade wrote

, “if the power wants to distract the people from real problems, she spreads homosexuality“. As a result of the book of the seer were forbidden for two hundred years though the idea was pleasant and found broad application at the end of the twentieth century. The power

understood that there is an easy way to fight against objectionable - to declare them homosexuals. And if I hear that at someone “nonconventional orientation“, at me arises a question: “With what this person did not please power structures:“? As soon as Elton John hinted that English what others can be guilty of death of the princess Diana / intelligence agencies, soon he “became“ a homosexual. From other

party when the now deceased journalist Andrey Cherkizov “courageously“ declared from the TV screen that it “nonconventional

orientation“ had, certainly, other question: “how many to it paid for it“? As I doubt that this grown wise experience the security officer something was guilty before the owners …

In our country began to be told widely about homosexuality in the 90th year. The power began to lose ideological controllability the people. The idea of communism failed, it was necessary to replace urgently it with something another … And right there our free press began to inspire in people that homosexuality is a democratic value that it is very fashionable and cheerful. Of course, if to compare to Soviet period when for homosexuality judged, it was the step forward, but why it was necessary to change one nonsense for another …

Even venerable mister - companion Vladimir Posner was not too lazy to join in a new “homosexual“ round of promotion. Though to it as

to the person with the higher biological education has to be twice a shame to participate in it. Lev Nikolaev, Andrey Norkin, Marina Vladi, Mikhail Shemyakin: Kirill Nabutov, Konstantin Ernst, Sergey Sholokhov, Nikolay Svanidze, Mikhail Shirvindt/ml / were marked out in this promotion. Alas, this list can be continued long … That pushed them on it: ignorance, tips from the power, fear, moral illegibility? More likely, all gradually …

there passed twenty years Since then. The generation under homosexual jokes grew from the TV, under infinite examinations whether this or that celebrity had a nonconventional orientation. All this causes fear, and the intimidated people are unpredictable …

What it is possible to make specifically to return to common sense what people who will live in hundred years would not look at our century, how for “a century of homosexual wildness“?

For a start it is possible to make very simple thing; in the school textbook on anatomy to tell that children with mentality of an opposite sex are born sometimes, to place photos of the gay and the lesbian.

The law it is necessary to forbid leaders of transfers / not important what is transfer: comic, political or what there still / to discuss so-called “sexual orientation“ somebody whether this person one thousand years that died back or it is live still. In other words, they have to bear criminal liability …

I main when the child with mentality of an opposite sex is born, have to name it corresponding to its mentality. In

documents, in the column a floor, it will be specified, “lesbian“ or “gay“. It will have to pass sterilization; as the person with heavy

a congenital mental perversion, has no right to have and raise children. / It is not difficult to guess how on me pseudo-humanists and pseudo-liberals will fly. But let they then will answer a question: whether they wanted that their daughter or the son married such person and that their grandsons were brought up by the gay or the lesbian? I do not know to what precisely they will give the answer, but that they will think, I know precisely: “God forbid, of course, is not present“! /

Parents will receive big benefit, at least to them it was unprofitable to hide the perverted mentality of the child.

Such children are born not much so the state will not be ruined … And then, when the child will grow up, he owes criminal liability for concealment of the orientation.

On the other hand if the man wants to live with the gay, it is not important for what reason; out of pity, for a show off etc., such marriages it is possible and it is necessary to register. Naturally such couple should not take on education of the child, for the reason about which I wrote above.

It seemed, it is quite simple to make all this; Russia could become the first country which refused homosexual nonsense and would set

an example to other countries … Our country in the eightieth year refused to hold the paraolympic Games therefore it - that sport of disabled people is nonsense and causes only jokes, type of the offer to hold the championship on chess among feeble-minded. Of course, cripples need social adaptation, but it should be done by other methods, but not vosstavlyat them on a public inspection: it is humiliating and for those who competes and for those who looks at it. However, it is a subject for another story ….

Yes, our country could also return to common sense and to help others if our leaders had a political will and understanding that they direct the great state which is obliged to conduct independent policy, with caution not on other countries but only on common sense. It is possible to listen to the people which know for a long time that the most mean woman is a gay.