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How to love animals? We and dumb animals of

it is not necessary to throw out with hatred a favourite fur coat of the wife at once and with horror to run from a counter with meat products, to join the ranks of Green Party and to stand up for reproduction of rats in cellars. These are tasks, feasible not for all.

We be touched to the old women feeding in the square of pigeons, we drive children in park, to a pond to feed the wintering swans, we enjoy beauty and rest there.

TV is watched too by all of us. The boy with mother picked up the cat dying in carrying on a garbage can, neighbors brought the doggie which is cruelly beaten by the resident of their entrance to the veterinarian. One people save “smaller ours“ from other people. We are not others. We sincerely are angry on fleecers and we rejoice for the rescued animals.

Somehow in the afternoon I ran for work and saw a pigeon at whom the wing was injured. He tripped on the sidewalk and attracted to himself carnivorous cat`s views. It was a pity to me a birdie, but I could not take her to myself - I have a cat too.

I trudged behind it, shouted at cats and feverishly thought that to do to me. There was no wish to be late for work, and something did not allow to leave a pigeon inside.

On my and pigeon rescue the boy of years of eight appeared, accurately took a birdie on hands and incurred. The boy answered my shy question where it will carry it, that he will carry a pigeon in school, to the teacher and after school they will carry the wounded to the doctor. As it was a shame to me. To bring a birdie to the veterinarian was business of one hour.

Of course, all to yourself you will not take away. And whether it is worth doing it? The animal in the house demands love, leaving, at least absence of an allergy and peaceful co-existence with all family members. As often we follow the tastes the emotions, children, affection and as it seems to us, love to animals. And actually we get a toy and it is good if sooner or later it does not begin to bother.

Any pet in the house is always the family member with the character, tastes, preferences in food, sores and habits. It becomes attached to us and completely depends on us. Buying a nice kitten or a cheerful shchenochk, not all remember it. If you cannot provide to an animal of due consideration and care, or get it as a live toy to the child, do not buy it better in general.

The child will grow loving and responsible, only if together with you studies careful attitude to the little friend. Otherwise think at least of yourself - if you throw out podravshy furniture of a kitten on the street in the face of the child, sooner or later risk to be on street.

We will never learn to be respectful to each other at least, I do not speak about love universal any more if we do not begin at least with small. From our smaller. At least from the fact that once again we will not raise a hand against a homeless dog or we will take out to a basement cat a pan with food. By the way, there can be basement cats is a solution of a question of settlement of number of basement rats?

I will repeat, it is not necessary at once to rush to enter everything Green Party and to send a fantastic sum to charity foundations, but, maybe, it is worth bringing a little forage in a homeless animals shelter. Or not to throw a dog who was hit by the car on the street. Just to be kinder.