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How it is correct to paste wall-paper on a ceiling?

Not any repair provide global alteration of space of the apartment. Sometimes will be to refresh an interior slightly enough: to tint a ceiling and to change wall-paper.

And maybe not to paint a ceiling, and too, as well as walls, to paste over with wall-paper? It is fashionable now, and the choice of ceiling wall-paper rich.

Ceiling wall-paper is good the fact that they if they rather thick or relief, hide all roughnesses of a ceiling. Therefore it is not necessary to level, shpatlevat and ground it previously. It, by the way, demands a certain qualification and experience. Not nevertheless we have painters and plasterers.

Of course, before a pokleyka of wall-paper a ceiling surface everything is it is necessary to prepare - to tear off old wall-paper, to clean the pallet otslaivayushchy pieces of paint or plaster.

In already descended in shop behind ceiling wall-paper, glue and necessary tools? Decided on a coloring and type of future decor? For a ceiling will offer you the vinyl or washing paper wall-paper of light tones with small drawing or monophonic. Flizelinovy impressive wall-paper which can be painted any color then will be quite good option.

To purchase of glue for gluing of wall-paper on a ceiling it is necessary to treat with special attention. Structure for paper or heavy synthetic, and furthermore flizelinovy wall-paper not identical therefore it is required to buy intended especially for them.

Except glue and wall-paper, it will be necessary for you: a plastic bucket for glue cultivation, the roller, the pallet for the roller, couple of small brushes, a roulette, a pencil, scissors and pure rags. We hope that the step-ladder in the apartment is available, otherwise you will not reach a ceiling.

Experience shows that the roller which is put on the long handle considerably facilitates and accelerates process of a sticker of wall-paper on a ceiling. However, it is difficult for them to work at narrow and small surfaces. Here brushes of the different sizes will be useful. As we will apply with the roller glue on panels of wall-paper or directly on a ceiling if they flizelinovy, then its quality does not matter - buy the most inexpensive.

We begin work with cutting of panels. By means of a roulette make measurements of a ceiling and cut material on the required quantity of strips. You will paste them on a ceiling parallel ranks on width or length of the room. If wall-paper has a printing pattern, do not forget to check, how precisely it is combined on panels.

Then in a bucket we dissolve glue according to the instruction and an even layer we cover with it one or two cuts. How to apply glue on wall-paper, we will not tell, it is quite simple to do it by the roller. Edges of panels will be more correct to be missed the mark in addition with a brush. After that we put a cloth for impregnation by glue, having wrapped its top and lower part inside.

To glue wall-paper one ceiling better towards a window opening - so seams between panels will be absolutely imperceptible.

It is simpler to carry out work together. You get on a step-ladder, take the curtailed panel of wall-paper from the assistant, develop its top part, put it to a ceiling and smooth. The assistant develops the lower part of wall-paper at this time and by means of simple adaptation (a long stick with T - a figurative crossbeam) lifts wall-paper to a ceiling and holds them that they did not fall off. You move a step-ladder and finish gluing the rest of wall-paper.

Other panels paste in the same way. Pay special attention to joints. If necessary use special glue for joints and roll them the rubber roller. Remove surplus of glue a pure rag.

With flizelinovy wall-paper all process goes more simply. The matter is that in this case glue is applied not on wall-paper, and directly on a ceiling. With a dry panel it is much easier to work at a step-ladder. As we already noted, flizelinovy wall-paper can be painted repeatedly in any pleasant color.

It is the best of all to close a joint between the ceiling which is pasted over with wall-paper and walls a ceiling plinth from polyurethane. How it is correct to make it, we will write next time.

Here too there are features.