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The comedy “End-to-end“ or How not to kill the fellow traveler?

Are such remarkable Hollywood (in good sense of this word) the comedy under the name by “Plane, by train, by car“ with participation of two brilliant American comedians - John Candy (untimely deceased from us at the age of 43 years in 1994) and Steve Martin. And so, “End-to-end“ the director Todd Phillips is almost full copy of this picture. Why “practically“? Let`s understand.

… The successful architect Peter Haymen (the surname - Haymen - the strong, highest person speaks about his coolness even) extremely needs to reach from Atlanta to Los - Andzheles where on Friday the birth of his firstborn is planned. Peter has plenty of time in a stock and a plane ticket. However, as it often happens, unforeseen circumstances introduce amendments in our well structured plans.

His neighbor in the plane Iten Tremble, the well-fad and ill-bred beginning actor traveling to Hollywood to register in a casting of the favourite TV series “Two and a half persons“ became such circumstance in Peter`s life. Iten`s essence combines two opposite natures: the naive idealist and the practicing idiot. Thanks to short skirmish in salon, both grief - the traveler appear on a roadside of the airport and are forced to reach Los - Andzheles by own forces. Or, as the security service specialist of the airport neatly joked - to remember “great flight“ of Forest Gump.

The trouble is that Peter providently packed all personal belongings, including a purse with credit cards and the driving license, in a suitcase which, unlike his owner, did not get to “black list“ of airline and continues flight towards solar California. The only chance of Peter to reach the giving birth wife is in time to combine efforts with already hated at that time (these are still florets) Iten who took in car-rental.

All four (Peter, Iten, his French bulldog and the father`s ashes in a coffee can) are forced to go to two-day travel on roads of America. And if to Iten`s father already all the same, then to other participants of run it is necessary to try strongly not to kill the friend to the friend on the way to the destination …

Road comedies about the compelled fellow travelers is an analog of the police movie about two workmates who in the course of searches of the criminal cannot find a common language in any way. The typical representative of this genre (so-called Buddy - muv) are, let us assume, movies “Cops in a Deep Stock“ or classics “Deadly weapon“. Actually, it is the situation comedy (a sitcom, situational comedy) where all action is constructed on contradictions of two people and on their overcoming for the sake of common cause.

On this subject the set of movies was shot already. I will provide names only the most known and popular. Besides the classical comedy of John Hughes specified in the first paragraph of this article it and “To be in time till midnight“ Martina Bresta, and “Three on the road“, and “There is nothing to lose“, and recent “Escape from Vegas“. The key to success of these pictures at the viewer is sharp opposition of characters of the main characters. As a rule, in a sheaf there has to be a person who did not get used to recede from the moral and ethical principles and also the raunchy goof who has no levels on life at all.

In this case these images were tried on on themselves by two remarkable actors: Robert Downey Jr. played a role of the serious architect Peter, and Zac Galifianakis who got party near, but kind soul of the clodhopper Iten.

Has to tell that both performers fitted into the characters elected by them just perfectly. At the same time both that, and another actually did not show anything new, but it from them it was required. Robert Downey Jr. - the same sarcastic and serious yokel from a dilogy “Iron Man“, Galifianakis in general completely repeated the role of the moron from the hit comedy “The Hangover“. Actors perfectly supplemented each other on the action course, realizing themselves in habitual images and pleasing the audience with recognizable gestures and a mimicry.

Presence at Galifianakis`s picture, in general, does not surprise, considering that a director of the movie “End-to-end“ is Todd Phillips, the author of “The Hangover“ and its future continuation. Tandem to see, worked well together, the audience from violent idiocy of Zac pisat boiled water therefore a sin was not to use the developed screen image in a break between the first and second part of “Bachelor party“.

It is very pleasant that besides stars in a picture small episodes with participation of not less bright characters performed by such actors and actresses as Juliette Lewis (the shop assistant of a grass), Michel Monakhen (the pregnant wife of St. Petersburg), Jamie Foxx poked (the cool friend of Peter of whom he is jealous the wife), the rapper of RZA (the employee of customs of the airport) and, of course, Danny McBride (the disabled person from point of Western Union).

By itself, similar movies not to everyone to taste. Is both scabrousness, and a joke here belts, and even unjustified cruelty are lower (reasonably). However, seeing that Galifianakis`s character gets up and in what scrapes it involves the unfortunate architect, there can be a desire to strangle this Iten own hands.

In comparison with analog of the eightieth (“Plane, train, car“, 1987), “End-to-end“, of course, more rigidly and more roughly. The original, in turn, was much kinder, more sincere and more sentimental. It is difficult to blame for it authors because in two decades that is divided by pictures, the humour strongly exchanged, more sarcasm and cynicism was added to it. It can irritate or avert the audience who is brought up on comedies 70 - x - 80 - x, but from it will not get to anywhere.

Verdict: quite watchable situation comedy. Not the masterpiece does not also even apply for this rank, but it is much better, than late creations of brothers of Farrelli or Jude Apatow`s opuses. I was not delighted with viewing of “The Hangover“ of the same Phillips, but “End-to-end“ seemed me more competent and harmonious action. It is not excluded that in it a merit not so much the director and his favourite performer Galifianakis how many improbable charisma of Robert Downey Jr. who recently, after the long period of oblivion, sharply added in skill and it is already quite capable to extend on the shoulders practically any project.

P. S. In the first comment - a movie trailer.