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Smile and ulybchivost


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the Smile an ulybchivost it is necessary to cause to give to hide advantage the property occasion the deceptive friendly cold derisive sincere person on duty attractive

pv will learn to achieve it is necessary to Live with a smile.

and it is necessary to Smile - even dying.

klpv the Smile belongs not to lips - and soul.

pv the Smile should not abandon the person for a long time. If the person filling up

of stars and waking up, does not smile - something means in his life not so.

and Touched by life in a dream smile, badgered - are shown, tired - grit teeth.

d the Smile of the hypocrite and dependent person - is dead.

d Sincerity and love to people do a smile live and pleasant.

p Communicating with people - you do not stint a smile.

ik the Smile it is possible to achieve bigger - than mind.

and the Smile - the queen of appeal.

to the Smile is the person of charm.

and the Smile - it is already kind. d the Smile gives to


and the Smiling wrinkles - a charm.

d Behind a smile can hide even nonsense.

d can cover with the Smile a fright.

d the Smile masks misunderstanding. d the Destiny - smiles gives away

, strikes blows.

p fate answers each correct act with a smile.

and the Smile eyes - a trump card of a coquetry.

and the Smile and flattery - girlfriends of a freebie.

pv the Smile and flattery clear away the road to deception.

pv Smiling - does not mean good.

d is in many respects obliged to the Smile charm.

and the Most disgusting bastards - those which the meanness

do with a smile.

and Self-control is when the person smiles even if its cats at heart scrape.

d the Person has to be always ready will smile.

p the Person in whose corners of lips the smile plays - is mysterious and beautiful.

p to Smile the person has to begin with awakening.

p Good luck smiles to those - who is cheerful.

d the Smile - the girlfriend of an arrangement.

from Hypocrisy smiling - forgets to unclench teeth.

p Gravity can study lips to develop in a smile.

d to Deceive with a smile - surprising property of dealers.

d the Smile makes a gift more expensively.

d depends On a smile a half of appeal.

d the Smile changes appeal of the person.

d the Smile in many respects depends on mood.

d the Person is decorated by a smile more - at good mood.

to the Smile - the business card of the optimist.

to the finest smile - at lovers.

to the Cold smile - is worse than a sidelong glance.

p the Smile without cause - is hypocrisy. d the Feigned smile - offends

. d the Friendly smile of the scoundrel feeds with

better, than hands.

d the Spiteful smile - is contemptible. d the Derisive smile - the person only spoils


to Not the sincere smile - is worse than a slap in the face.

d the Senseless smile - is empty.

d a smile On duty - people perceive as hypocrisy.

and the Smile are given rise by dance.

p the Smile - the admission.

d the Smile - international language. z the smile helps to Fill up


and Life - smiles not to all.

to the Smile and flattery - satellites of insidiousness.

d to the Smile of one in power to smooth an etiquette error.

d the Smile - improves health.

d Happiness - smiles to cheerful persons.

d the Smile attracts people.

d to the Smiling, friendly person is easier to approach people and to solve problems.

d Ulybchivost promotes entry into trust.

and the Smile - threshes.

d the Smile it is necessary to deserve, but not to buy and the more so to squeeze out.

to the Smile - the girlfriend of hypocrisy.

z If, waking up the person, does not smile - means, day is necessary bad.

d If, filling up the person, does not smile - means, day is lived badly.

p Lips have to be ready will smile.

d Smiling lips - is more attractive.

in Smile not only happy, but also dependent people.

d At dependent people a smile is similar to a

mask d the Smile - generosity.

to the Smile - a gift.

and In a smile is possible will fall in love.

and the Smile is in many respects obliged to teeth.

p is A lot of smiles - wait for a dirty trick.

pz the Smile helps to cure diseases.

d the Smile can hide grief.

and Gloomy unfriendly people smile only to a mirror.

and can be judged By wrinkles on the face how many, it is how strong and as the person smiled. p the nasty person can have no

a pleasant smile.

to the Smile - hi spring.

to the Smile - the sun of communication.

to the Smile - a declaration of love.

to the Smile - flash of feelings.

to the Smile - trust grazes.

to the Smile - the hypocrite`s weapon.

and Teeth can decorate a smile - and can deprive of the person it at all. yu to Teeth to solve

- how many to the person to smile and as.

yu the Coquette, even dying, tries to represent a beautiful pose, a lovely smile and a languishing look.

yu the Smile - the assistant to the speculator.

yu If the person does not smile - it is possible not to doubt his honesty.

yu All smile only to the district police officer.

yu If smile, means or want to deceive or show beautiful teeth.

yu If not to smile to the chief - he will be dissatisfied if to smile - will think that you the moron.

yu Than already a door - that has to be a smile more widely.

yu the Smile - is infectious.

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