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Pablo Escobar: Robin Hood of the present or the most cruel drug baron in the history of mankind?

Escobar began the criminal activity still by the teenager, in slums of a village of Rio - Negro, in 27 kilometers from Medellin second for the importance of the Colombian city.

His mother was a teacher, and the father the simple peasant. At rather early age of Pablo contacted the bad company, began to steal bicycles, it was involved in small offenses.

Pablo Escobar earned the first money on gravestones which he stole from a local cemetery. Erased from them already being available inscriptions, and then resold.

Having understood further hopelessness of such kind of activity and having lost to it any interest, young Escobar organized a criminal gang in which it and his colleagues were engaged in stealing of cars for their subsequent sale on the spare part.

Foundation of cocaine cartel

Soon Pablo Escobar saw huge prospect in drug trafficking which made for it billions of dollars of profit subsequently.

In 1977 Escobar with three wholesale drug dealers organizes well-known and the most powerful of ever existing narcounions - Medelyinsky cocaine cartel which creates own network of a drug traffic where even submarines and planes enter.

The lion`s share of drugs was delivered to the USA. At that time (80 - e years) sale of 1 kg of cocaine made for the dealer up to $5000 for net profit.

Escobar`s cartel transported to the USA about 95 tons of powder a year that about 3 billion dollars of the annual income meant to the cocaine king.

The drug baron owned own laboratories on production of cocaine located in the jungle of Colombia which he also built for expansion of a narkoimperiya.

Political activity

Quickly enough the cocaine king realized the importance of the political power for development of the business, and in 1982 he was elected in the congress of Colombia as the deputy representative of department Antyokiya. Thanks to such combination of circumstances, Pablo Escobar received parliamentary immunity and continued construction of the cocaine empire.

However in 1984, despite all advantages which the policy gave it Escobar made the decision to depart from political activity, having realized that it is easier to receive what is required to it by simple bribery of “selling“ Colombian officials and judges.

Colombian “Robin Hood“ of the present

Escobar was very clever

and understood that if it gets support of the people (simple poor people, residents of his hometown of Medellin), then it can serve it as an excellent guarantee of safety and protection against the authorities of Colombia which conducted on it continuous hunting.

Poor people just idolized Escobar for the fact that he helped the homeless - built hospitals, churches, stadiums, schools, shelters for helpless which died on the street, paved ways and built the whole quarters for the poor who in the people and was called “Pablo Escobar`s Slums“.

Honestly, the most cruel drug dealer in the history of mankind really helped with some measure to the poor that was really surprising phenomenon and invaluable care of them, for it they also idolized him.

Property of the drug baron

Escobar scared together just improbable fortune on drug trafficking, in 1989 the Forbes magazine estimated a fortune of the cocaine king in 30 billion (!) dollars.

Pablo Escobar had the ranch in 3000 hectares, owned 34 estates and 40 rare cars “Rolls - Royce“. In the territory of the estate of the drug baron 20 artificial lakes, 6 pools, and also small own airport were located.

By order of Escobar in the territory of his estate the personal zoo in which there were 120 antelopes, 6 hippopotamuses, 30 buffalo s, 3 elephants and 2 rhinoceroses was equipped. Pablo Escobar`s Arrest

B 80 - e years many residents of Colombia told

so: “Now we have 4 power - the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court and Pablo Escobar“.

Then Escobar`s narcocartel controlled 80% of cocaine in the country.

However after by order of Pablo Escobar 12 Supreme judges were killed, in August, 1989 the government of Colombia declared to the most cruel and powerful drug baron in the history of mankind real war.

In several months the cocaine king felt the first considerable blow to the business, inviolable till this time.

Almost all property of the drug baron was seized, some of accomplices are arrested, and Escobar was forced to run. During this period it very seldom remained on one place longer than one or two days, being afraid of arrest by the Colombian government.

Escobar answered government operations with a bigger cruelty - organized the bloody campaign of terror lasting 5 months.

During this period by order of Pablo Escobar Luis Carlos Galana, one of the leading candidates for president of Colombia who propagandized ardent fight against drugs was killed.

In November, 1989 Escobar commits the most awful crime for all the criminal career: orders to destroy commercial flight therefore 107 people who are aboard perish.

In 1990 Pablo Escobar concludes the bargain with the Colombian government: he will give up and will stay insignificant term in the convenient prison constructed especially for it in the hometown of Medellin, and the government has to guarantee what will not give it to U.S. authorities.

But it was only a trick of the drug baron who did not think to be given to the authorities of Colombia. However the government decided to carry out indicative arrest of Escobar - only for the sake of appearances. The drug baron was placed in especially for the La Catedral prison him constructed, reminding the magnificent estate.

The prison of the cocaine king had all necessary conveniences. And it is even more: a disco, the swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a sauna, and in the yard a big football field where there came professional players to play with Escobar.

Death of the cocaine king

By the beginning 90 - x Pablo Escobar was considered years as one of the richest people of the planet. Its fortune was estimated, at least, in 5 billion dollars (according to official figures).

As a result of numerous acts of terrorism the cocaine king and his gang killed more than 1000 people: about 400 police officers, several tens judges and politicians and peace citizens.

Pablo Escobar became world history as the most impudent, ruthless and powerful drug baron of all times and the people.

The death overtook the cocaine king on a roof of the suburban house on December 2, 1993 as a result of the shot in the head made by the sniper of the Colombian police. At that time to Pablo Escobar only - 44 years were only executed.