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What to prepare with avocado? American cuisine of

So, everything began with the fact that came to a state of bliss, having tried the guakamol which recipe read in ShZh... Having found out, than this exotic fruit - avocado is good, decided that it is necessary to try different dishes with its “participation“. Of course, it demanded time (well who will allow the family person to experiment with the same vegetable every day?!) and one recipes were pleasant more, others - it is less. But here, as they say, “on taste and color …“.

As the avocado homeland - America, it is quite logical to begin the review of culinary works with the dishes inherent in American cuisine. Let`s begin with those that have the status “intercontinental“, that is are known both on the northern continent, and on southern.


shrimps Salad. It is quite simple. At first we connect 250 g of the welded and cleared shrimps to small chopped bulb, we fill with 1 tablespoon of the Chile sauce and 100 g of mayonnaise (it is possible fast) and we mix. Then we are accepted to avocado: we wash, we clean from a peel, we cut cubes and we sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Remained very little: we cover a bottom of a salad bowl lettuce leaves, on them we place avocado, and from above - shrimp weight.

I admit, I nevertheless at repeated cooking chopped lettuce leaves in noodles and mixed with avocado. On taste it seemed more interestingly.

Cold soup. we Will chop 1 scape of a celery, we will cut with cubes couple of cleaned medium-sized avocados. Having mixed, we will fill in with tomato juice, we will add salt and spices to taste, and also 2 tablespoons of red grape vinegar, a medley from 3 branches of cilantro, 0,5 h a spoon of ground chili pepper. Again we will mix, and the dish is ready. On the fan, of course, but me personally it was pleasant.


lobster Salad. we Take 2 large avocados, we cut at first in half, then on thin slices. We add, having small crumbled, a small bulb and 2 - 3 branches of parsley, 0,5 h a spoon of dry mustard and 6 tablespoons of dry white wine. Having mixed, we put weight in the refrigerator on 1 hour

meat of a lobster Meanwhile (grams 200 - 300) we cut on pieces of an average or even large size, we water 4 St. spoons of mayonnaise and 1,4 h spoons of tomato paste, we salt to taste if it is required, and we put aside away.

On lettuce leaves from 2 young kochanchik we spread avokadny weight, from above - omarny, and we strew a surface with a paprika. That`s all. But I all - chopped one kochanchik of salad and shifted them layers of avocado and a lobster. However, did only once: a lobster at us - pleasure expensive. With shrimps nevertheless it is somehow simpler.

Brazilian salsa.

it is not too difficult to b to Prepare this dish, the only hitch is in getting a tinned core of a palm tree. To me it was brought from Germany. But if that is available, then it is necessary to make here that. At first to cut 1 fruit of avocado on pieces (it is possible on cubes), to sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of juice of a lime, to salt and put a little bit in the refrigerator for about 40 minutes.

Having crumbled 2 pomidorka, 1 bulb, 1 green sweet pepper and 1 garlic glove, to mix them from 0,25 St. white wine vinegar and 2 tablespoons of a chopped coriander, having added couple of peas of black allspice. We leave this mix to be pickled for half an hour.

Palm tree cores from 2 cans, having rolled in in flour from 0,5 h a spoon of Creole seasoning, we fry to a podrumyanivaniye, we cool, we cut on pieces, we spread in portion plates, from above we place the pickled vegetables, and on them - avocado. It is seemingly possible to give.

However there was a question: what is represented by Creole seasoning? It is mix in which put 2,5 parts of a ground paprika, on 2 parts of garlick powder and salt, by 1 part of black ground pepper, onions powder, Cayenne pepper, an oregano and a thyme. It is possible to take both a coffee spoon, and the dining room - how many it will want to prepare for the future for a unit of measure.

Dominican republic

Sandwiches. we Cut small (or we knead a fork) a half of two peeled avocados, we sprinkle lemon half juice, we mix with small squares of red sweet pepper, a half of small chopped red bulb. We fill with fruit vinegar (1 h a spoon), I will merge also ground black pepper. Having mixed, we put mix on bread and we taste.

Caribbean Islands

tuna Salad. In halves of two fruits of avocado we take out pulp from the middle, leaving it rather thick layer on a peel. - It will be molds for salad. We sprinkle them and the scraped-out pulp lemon juice. A tinned tuna (the 2nd banks) we cut on pieces and we stack in “molds“, having also sprinkled lemon juice.

Or in the blender we do by a fork avocado puree with 1 - 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and we fill in with it fish. From above we spread marinated capers (50 g) and we strew salad with chili powder. We give to a table with warm corn chips.

Pork on - Caribbean. Light-(according to 1 h to a spoon) we mix brown sugar (2 tablespoons), salt (2 h a spoon), cinnamon, caraway seeds and allspice and we grate pork tenderloin (approximately grams 700). We spread meat in the form oiled, and we bake in a hot oven within 50 minutes, and then we cover with a foil and we keep a quarter more of hour in a form.

It is small cut tinned pineapples from banks, we mix with chopped green onions (2 - 3 plumelets) and cubes of pulp of one avocado. We salt and pepper to taste. It is salsa to pork which before giving should be cut thinly.


Salad. we Cut cubes pulp of 2 small avocados (at once having sprinkled juice of a half of a lemon), 1 sweet pepper and 2 tomatoes. We add small crumbled sweet onions (1 head) and greens. We fill with olive oil to taste (the standard - 2 tablespoons), we mix - and on a table.

Cold cream soup. to mix Cubes of pulp of avocado with quarters of the napiform bulb, a garlic glove cut with greens (2 - 3 branches of cilantro and 1 branch of mint), 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 Art. of vegetable broth (at me was kapustno - morkovno - crafty - tomato with backs of a parsnip and a celery) in the blender to uniformity.

Then we part the received mass of 1,5 more Art. of broth, we add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, to pepper if it is necessary - we will salt and again properly we will mix. We maintain half an hour that it was drawn in the refrigerator, and it is possible to be treated. For a fast table - just a delicacy.

Tako (tortilla) with a turkey. This recipe, of course, for a ferial table, but and Easter already comes. So it is necessary to wait not for long. And for preparation it is required tortilyas (we will turn in a foil and we will take in an oven several minutes) number of 8 pieces to put a stuffing in the warmed Mexican flat cakes and to curtail roll. The stuffing consists of 3 not mixed components.

1. Salsa: 4 small cut tomatoes, 5 - centimetric length the fresh cucumber too crushed (it is necessary also to clear of seeds, but I if it is honest, ignored this requirement), thinly crumbled red bulb, 100 g of tinned red beans, juice of 1 lime, 1 - 2 tablespoons of the Chile sauce. We connect and mix.

2. Avocado: we clean two medium-sized fruits, we cut cubes, we sprinkle juice of a lime or lemon, we knead a fork.

3. Turkey: we cut a smoked bird (350 - 400) bars.

* * *

Of course, it is not all recipes - they would require the whole book. The main thing that idea of use of avocado in American cuisine was formed and it was possible to get acquainted along with exotic dishes with what rather just to prepare also at us.

And the following culinary travel - on Asian cuisine.