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What is the supercar

Technological perfection of modern fast sports cars of a mass production finds reflection in key technical characteristics. Such as motor power, torque, indicators of the maximum speed and dispersal.

Recently all of us notice definition “supercar“ on pages the Internet of editions, in blogs and even in regular mass media more often. Let`s try to understand that all - means this term.

Small retreat in history. At the beginning of 20 - go centuries the automobile industry began to develop promptly. At some moment it became finally clear that cars as the means of a peredvidzheniye equipped with an internal combustion engine will become the main for all mankind. To Poslkolk the car pozitsionarovatsya initially as individual transport, producers had to consider requirements of different segments of the population and different tastes of future owners.

So appeared cars with open top, two and more local, on 3 - x and 4 - x wheels and so on. At any moment of the available specifications just was not enough to allocate a certain class of cars - what began to be called supercars subsequently.

So, from an easy hand of the journalist of “Car magazine“ which applied vpevy this definition to Lamborghini Miura, supercars began to nazvyat the fast, sports cars with a certain and quite high level of comfort of passengers intended for usual roads. Notice, racing cars do not get under definition “supercar“.

Nevertheless the supercar closely connect all with concept that advanced and progressive that steadily appears in an automobile industry throughout its development. Practically each car of this klasa is made manually and gets to the owner only after his pre-order. That is Uda at an assembly stage the supercar is created though on model, but nevertheless individually. Take though the leader in speed at the moment avtomoibl to Bugatti Veyron. It is considered the existing embodiment of dream of the autodesigner. The highest speed at excellent controllability, excellent aerodynamics and worthy level of comfort of salon. Perhaps, each detail of this car is carefully verified, adapted and is exactly on that place where it provides the best efficiency for operation of the mechanism in general.

Recent auto shows in Paris and Geneva showed to the world a number of supercars of new generation. I suggest you to pay special attention to models of car makers Lamborghini and Koenigsegg. Despite high cost - such that hardly anyone - that from reading this record will be able to afford purchase - their presentation caused the stunning interest of public. Impressive technical characteristics allow to think that soon, perhaps, cars of middle class will be so fast and comfortable.