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Whether it is possible to earn 1 and six zero on Forex of

I though the majority of them does not possess the solid starting capital (usually the sum fluctuates ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars), “beginners“ very fondly believe that in a month they by all means will double, and even will treble put into circulation, 1000 dollars: “not so it and is difficult! Traders are participants of competitions and in a week from 1000 do 500 000. And I will already play on 2000 there and I will make 4000. And in 10 months I will earn one million!“. Really? It seems that quite. Thoughts they already in the happy future where carefree, provided life expects and it is possible to sunbathe for days on end on beaches of foreign resorts, immediately carrying out transactions on Forex from the laptop.

But here severe truth: most of traders (on average - 97%) lose the deposits eventually. And tremendous results at competitions are fixed, generally on a demo - accounts - where nobody risks real money. At the same time management of the capital, as a rule, is not used, and are staked on all constantly increasing deposit.

Some people to whom the luck accompanies thus increase deposits fantastic rates. But hardly anyone - nibud from them would agree to play in this way on own one million earned from Forex.

On the other hand... Perhaps, from - for neglects and an inattention to the basic rules of trading, and at times and owing to the psychological problems opening at trade on real money, the prevailing most of traders loses the deposits sooner or later.

But! The remained 3% really are enriched and are able to afford to live in luxury, continuing to earn millions from Forex!

In what a secret? They know what is not known by others? Possibly everything. But we speak not about some secret technique now. It is thought, the insider takes place here - to be aware of those factors which influence exchange rates and on which other are not informed. Plays a large role also fast (faster, than at the majority!) access to news.

Large banks and the financial organizations can act as insiders. And how to work to the simple trader to achieve, at last, the dream and to earn one million from Forex?

For a start - to learn “to feel“ the market, to apply various methods of the technical and fundamental analysis. To realize what style of trade is close to you. To learn to involve management of the capital. Over time these skills are improved, experience comes.

Then - on the basis of the studied theory and practice on a demo - accounts, and also small real deposits to create the personal, unique, individual strategy of trade. If business goes, and this strategy will begin to make for 10 - 30% of profit a month (constantly), then, having started with 1000 dollars, in several years the trader can quite earn one million from Forex.

For you it long? Begin with large sums! Take the large sums in trust management! At a stable indicator of profit of 10 - 30% a month the investor, undoubtedly, will be interested in entrusting you the money.

Still there is a wish to grow rich on - fast? What here you will tell? It is possible to trade, of course, in real money as at competitions. But it will already be not intelligent trading, but a casino, chance to win in which - quite illusive.