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How to make simply and free of charge the website on Wordpress without installation on the hosting?

the Subject with creation of the websites on free CMS (Content management Systems) Wordpress already repeatedly was considered in Shkolezhizni. ru. However in this article I will tell for “teapots“ in a web - developments how to create the blog / website quickly, simply, without installation and installation of a Worpdress package on the hosting.

So, the step-by-step instruction is quite simple. In this example I will consider the English-language version of the Control panel (Dashboard) since it is used by default.

we Are registered on the website com / … and everything, in fact, you already created the website. With a domain name: vashlogin. wordpress. com. Elementary, Watson! However now it is necessary to issue it and to fill with data.

we Come into the control panel (Dashboard).

we Create the necessary pages ( of Pages ). For this purpose we find at the left in the Pages-Add New menu. In the appeared screen it is necessary to enter page heading, in the field the text for the page is slightly lower then. It should be noted that on the page there is a possibility of fast formatting of the text, an insert of the image, video, audio, media, vote and a standard form. After you entered data for the page, we press the button of “Publish“ on the right. Pages is static information which can change on the website very seldom. For example, “About us“, “Contacts“, “Services“.

we Create of record ( of Posts ). For this purpose in the menu we click on “Posts“ - “Add New“ at the left. Records differ from pages in the fact that they are dynamic. Such format is suitable for news, articles, announcements, goods and so forth. In other words, that information which you plan to update often on the website. Certain headings ( of Categories ) which on the website settle down usually on the right are appropriated to records. For example, “Cars“, “Health“, “Psychology“. If you did not choose a heading, then the system will place record in a heading by default. To create a new heading, “Posts“ - “Catogories“ is necessary in the menu on the right. At the same time on the right you will see the list of the available categories, and at the left - a form of addition of new category. It is possible to do subcategories also.

Comments ( of Comments ). Since Wordpress was initially created for creation of blogs, in it there is a possibility of comments to records. They can be moderated, disconnected on certain pages, sections, concrete posts etc. (“Posts“ - “Comments“).

Now we choose a subject ( of Themes ) design of your website. During creation of the website directly on the com/eat server an opportunity to choose one of 80 free subjects. For this purpose in the menu we choose “Appearance“ - “Themes“ at the left. It should be noted that in subjects it is possible to insert the logo (name), the main picture and a background. All other changes of styles (CSS) of a subject paid - 14,97 c.u. a year. But, as a rule, there is quite enough free option.

Besides, on the website it is possible to add widgets ( of Widgets ). Depending on the registration subject chosen by you, some will be already connected, and some there will be an opportunity to connect. For this purpose at the left we find “Appearance“ - “Widgets“ in the menu. Examples of widgets: RSS - a tape, a subscription to website news, search, a calendar, your links, advertizing texts, twitter - a tape and so forth

If you want to make the website with the domain, for example, of of www. yourname. com , it it is possible to make by means of paid service of the parking ( of Mapping ) your bought domain on the com server/, and there is it 12 c.u. a year. For this purpose we find “Dashboard“ - “Upgrades“ - “Domains“ in the menu at the left.

There now and all. Your website is ready. Successful swimming on Internet open spaces!