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Investment of money in Forex

Each person possessing at least the minimum financial literacy draws a conclusion about need of investment of own available funds sooner or later. To achieve the main goal - material welfare and to ensure the carefree future, each of us needs to learn to operate own finance competently. During a certain period of the life, having come to a conclusion that to work much - it does not mean to grow rich, I decided to reconsider the relation to money cardinally.

Money - our most liquid asset. In compliance with determination of liquidity from textbooks on economy, money can be turned into money for the shortest time interval. However in practice, money of most of Russians is hidden at them under a bed or, at best, on the bank deposit, percent on which hardly cover a rate of inflation. At such approach to investment it is possible not only not to grow rich, but also to go bankrupt finally.

Money should be invested. But how it is correct to make it not to suffer loss?

The most reliable financial instrument for investment of money are bonds, but the percent on them, most often, also does not exceed an inflation indicator. Therefore I did not begin to consider the possibility of investment into bonds.

Actions bring bigger, in comparison with bonds, the size of dividends, however I was guarded by very doubtful reliability of this investment of money: in case activity of joint-stock company is unprofitable, the shareholder can lose all investments made in it. Therefore the idea of investment into actions was also not realized by me.

Investments into precious metals, antiques, real estate frightened me by the low-popularity and rather long-term outlook of generation of profit. I wanted to get profit as soon as possible. Therefore I paid the attention to such type of investments as trust management Forex.

Forex is object of activity of the market an exchange of foreign currencies according to free quotations. Investments of money in Forex I made the choice from - for its clear advantages in front of other investment tools. Treat them: the maximum liquidity, a kruglosutochnost of operations, an opportunity to use the starting deposit of $5000 at individual management and the high payback sometimes exceeding 300%. Of course, similar profits will not be compared to the possible size of dividends on stocks and other financial instruments, and this fact subdued me finally.

Shortly I understood that, without having economic education, I cannot independently all nuances of trade in the market. The market Forex is quite difficult and large system and to gain income not incidentally, and is stable, it is necessary to understand not only specifics of this business, but also all economic laws in general. Therefore for those businessmen who have no time and desire to be engaged in studying of trade on Forex and also for too impatient and emotional investors, there are companies whose professional activity is trust management of forex. In such company, without having necessary experience with currency, also I addressed.

Having signed the contract with broker company, I allowed professional traders to operate the capital. And since that moment, my investments into the market Forex began to make profit. Together with it, I had time to begin training in work at the market and to conclude bargains on sale of currency independently with the minimum risks of loss of money.

I understood on own experience: trust management is a unique opportunity to make money with the greatest output capital ratio, however the guarantee of profitability of this business can be only if you entrusted the capital on the present of reliable broker company.