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Whether it is possible to earn from deception online - a casino?

Actually this question is open for me. And I would like to involve with this note in the blog you in discussion and to try to find out nevertheless whether it is possible to earn from deception of a casino. And whether it is necessary?

At first I will write the point of view, and then, I hope that you share the opinion in this respect. Well?

In - the first, I have to explain why this question at me in general arose … The matter is that on one of the websites I came across the announcement (in the block of a contextual advertizing of reputable office!) with the offer it is easy to earn on the Internet.

As I study an earnings subject thoroughly and I try to find all brand new, deserving attention, decided to look also at this website.

On it as you understand, there was a story about how by a special technique it is possible to win with guarantee in the Internet - a casino.

A technique, it is necessary to recognize, looks very much and it is even very much convincing. And I am simply sure that persons interested to try there will be a weight.

The advertizing text is executed fantastically. It is felt that not the layman wrote.

In the beginning it is told how it is easy and as it is possible to earn much. Screenshots of WebMoney - purses with the decent sums are shown.

Free of charge the offer bribes. The technique is given at once. Everything speaks very easily and well. Even mathematical calculation is displayed on shelves.

The trust causes also the fact that the visitor in every way urge to try at first a technique on a demo - the account and only after that to pass to the real game to money. Urge not to win too much not to cause suspicion in a casino.

If the visitor suddenly has doubts morally - ethical property (earnings dishonest), and on it in the text there are the answer and recommendations how to get rid of this “inconvenience“.

Something like the fact that a casino all deceivers and to them it is necessary to revenge. And same altruism of the person who told this technique to everyone free of charge speaks.

But here that confuses...

If I was such avenger, then I would post this information in some social network and would definitely not buy a contextual advertizing.

The real freebie does not demand advertizing. The message would be carried instantly.

And here professionally executed website on a paid hosting is observed, competently made advertizing text, involvement of visitors is carried out by means of a contextual advertizing (and it is not the cheapest way).

It is offered to earn only in certain casinos under the pretext of what in other institutions of such accountants is easily calculated, and in these supposedly did not think yet, pay regularly.

And all this suggests an idea that it is such original way of involvement of new players mi a casino.

It is possible to be sure that the described technique will work on a demo - the account for 100%. And here the real account raises at me boooolshy doubts.

And now the most important that I would like to tell …

I do not want to Try and check all this because even if it would be possible, then all the same such way of obtaining the income does not suit me. I am convinced that the money received fraudulently will never bring happiness, and here can spoil life easily.

What you on all this will tell?