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You are anxious with the relations with food?

If you read this article, then most likely “here and now“ this subject is interesting to you. Really these relations and the truth take the important place in human life? My answer - yes. And here by what I will prove the confidence.

Food - primary basic requirement. Breath - it, of course, more initially if us to deprive of air - we will die. But without food we will only stretch more on a two-three of weeks. And then - it is possible to tell that we eat air too - we digest - we allocate waste …

Food is what we consume from the Wednesday surrounding us to survive. But! The pleasure - besides physiological need for proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins also is connected with process of food - faugh as all this sounds tiresomely - we have a requirement to derive pleasure from taste, a smell, appearance of what we eat. It turns out that, besides physiology, all our representative mental systems are involved: visual, olfactory, tactile, sensual. Even acoustical - since sometimes, you know, it is pleasant “to crackle“ or “pochavkat“.

Food - this, perhaps, only field in life which is completely under control to us … In any case, initially it was conceived quite so. Remember the child - he, for the present the “young of wild animal“ who is a little disfigured (I joke, of course, but partly and seriously) education and influence of installations of society, it is very selective - that when and as to it to eat … Another thing is that the child completely depends on us rather long time to inherit our (parental) food preferences and schemes. And to forget to trust to the choice . To forget to hear signals of the body. To learn to ignore the flavoring preferences.

If you read it now - you already for certain rather adult (adult). But it is quite probable that being already to the adult, you in the food behavior still - always, often or sometimes - are at a loss with the elections, a measure, preferences in food … It can find a heap of reasonable, adult, mature explanations. It is possible to realize, for example, who is guilty: of course they, these mother + the father, or sisters + brothers, or food abundance in the next supermarket, or the swine - the chief who pushes me to the refrigerator - here omnipotent, an infection - every time when he shouts at me, I eat too much … Or the husband - the satrap and the despot, it is possible to take out arrivals or tediousness of which, having only properly supported … It is desirable something sweet.

But! If you responsibility for the elections - and by and large for the life - display on your environment - means, your own life live they !

Why from problems with food I draw such … a large-scale conclusion? Now I will explain...

Everyone heard about Freud and his child - psychoanalysis … One of the main postulates of its theory which threw in shock traditional society of the twentieth century and partly and me too - the main instinct which governs our consciousness, behavior, elections - sexual. I somehow … found it difficult to accept it. But one of his pupils rescued me from the conflict with the Authority, having doubted fidelity of this postulate much earlier.

Frederik Perlz, the founding father the Gestalt - psychology proclaimed the most important instinct food! Thank him for this big! Moreover, it went further. He told that the person and the environment surrounding it is one system, a single whole. Because it is impossible to imagine live an organism without contacts with what surrounds it. Absorbing and secretory. Our contact with the world and other people is very similar to our contact with food: feeling of hunger (or rise in appetite) - search whom “to eat“ to satisfy the “hungry“ requirement - process of “eating“ (read - engagements) - assimilation “eaten“ - “allocation“ of the remains and excess material …

Primary relations with the world for the person are the relations with food. And with the one who feeds. And in what relations develop at the person with food, it is possible to see many analogies, what relations at the person with himself, with the world of people and with the world of things, strangely enough... We “consume“ attention of Others, we “eat“ their reasonings, feelings, the attitude towards ourselves … Sometimes with advantage for and pleasure … Sometimes we get poisoned seriously and for a long time … We “mark out“ the emotions, thoughts, feelings and representations to the world of people … If we still eat, “as we were taught by mother with the father“, then with high probability we and the relations with people still build on them, parental, to schemes …

But! When we adults - we by and large can already afford whom as in what quantities and in what “sauce“ to ourselves … to serve. And to whom and how “to give“ itself - crude, fried, stewed or steamed.

Much to my regret, as a rule, loss of the choice and the measure in food signals about … essential difficulties in contact with the world surrounding us … About difficulties in understanding of real today`s requirements … About difficulties of perception of as qualitative, worthy, loving and loved .

And from this there is exit which we will look for here, and - very much hope - each of you though something and will find.

Better to orient as far as you are dependent in the relations with food, I offer you a small questionnaire which will help to define degree of food dependence. Answer each question “yes“ or “no“.

You should answer 13 questions :

1. You buy and (or) prepare much more, than it is necessary for your family on one - two days. Justifications can be different - “not to stand at a plate or not to be pushed in shop every day“, “guests“ and so forth suddenly will come. Whether so it?

2. You extremely seldom mentally or aloud speak “I am full“ and, as a rule, agree to have a bite or drink to tea. Whether so it?

3. You consider idea “is less after 18. 00“ incorrect also you explain it with the schedule to life (late you come works, and so forth) . Whether so it?

4. At teenage age - and now too - you like to eat or drink tea during reading and viewing of the TV or another similar matters (work at the computer, for example). Whether so it?

5. Usually it is difficult for you to stay on a strict diet even one day - you or begin to try something out of the resolved diet, or just strongly are nervous. Whether so it?

6. To you it is hard to say with what interval you eat food and how many time a day, or it is difficult for you to count it from - for a large number of having a snack. Whether so it?

7. You constantly are interested in literature on weight reduction and new diets, internally hoping that you will find certain recommendations. Whether so it?

8. When someone at you on a visit refuses food, you actively try to finish it though to eat something. Whether so it?

9. Your mother often said to you that appearance is much less significant, than mental capacities and qualities of character. Whether so it?

10. Your significant relatives often criticized - and continue to criticize - your appearance. Whether so it?

11. You consider that well to cook every day taking into account only tastes and preferences of the family - the woman`s debt in relation to the husband and children. Whether so it?

12. Your pet suffers from excess weight. Whether so it?

13. You adore the night visits to the refrigerator, though abuse yourself for them. Whether so it?

If you answered positively seven questions - you have an average degree of food dependence. Than it is more in your answers “yes“ - especially you are dependent on food.