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How to overcome a depression and to cope with itself?

U of each of us happen such periods in life when there is a wish for nothing, you are not able to cope with yourself, suddenly there are some doubts, fears, various phobias appear. Reaches sometimes that you cannot long be in crowded places, you are frightened by the closed spaces, begin to be afraid to go in public transport …

Depending on weight of a state, symptoms happen different and vary from bad mood and a headache to a breakdown, apathy and emergence of various phobias.

If you: - you are engaged in

in regular physical exercises;

- you spend enough time in the fresh air;

- you accept vitamins;

- you sleep not less than 8, but also no more than 10 hours a day;

- you have at least one friend with whom you can have a heart-to-heart talk; - you work as

at favourite work;

- regularly you have sex with the beloved;

- you have a hobby to which you devote part of the free time;

- you live with a family, and you have children;

- you have enough money to cover all the expenses, that you by definition can have no


What to make to get rid of a depression of subjects who has it?

1. Fall in love with yourself

Recognize all the merits and praise yourself for them, but also accept also the shortcomings - and or reconcile with them, or promise themselves to improve soon if it is possible also in your forces.

2. You learn to speak “no“

do not undertake obligations which will weigh you or which you owing to any personal reasons cannot honestly execute. Nobody will reproach you with egoism if you honestly tell that you are not able or have no free time for performance of any affairs unnecessary you.

3. Respect the body

Regular physical activities, walks, healthy nutrition and a daily routine - is not that other as a tribute to. And the clothes correctly picked up and pertinent in this situation are a way to show respect for the people surrounding you and to cause in them approval.

4. Indulge the stomach

Eat something tasty: cake, chocolate, fruit dessert. And better prepare something for a dessert for all family - and you will please relatives, and most it is pleasant.

5. You appreciate the intelligence

Scientists claim that work of our brain is involved only for 10%. Develop the abilities. Laziness and uncertainty in - your main enemies. Therefore for a start be loaded with persistence and optimism. You are capable of a lot of things. Learn foreign languages, it is useful to you on trips abroad and will serve a new round in your career.

6. Develop the creative abilities

do not dare to become only a small screw in the huge mechanism. Be engaged in something new: learn to draw pictures a water color, to cross stitch, skate on roller-skaters or to play a flute.

7. Struggle with the fears

We become stronger and more self-assured than

when we overcome the next complex or a phobia. The world is learned in comparison: look at others, compare their fears to the. Communicate to people who overcame similar phobias, share with them the experiences. And maybe, they will give to you a valuable advice.

8. Stop thinking about the sores

there are people to whom it is worse than you: orphans, disabled people, hopelessly patients which measured term, but all of them continue to live. Also believe, they appreciate every moment lives much stronger, than ordinary people.

9. Become identity

Will drop down

to think that will tell about you people around. Live life at anybody do not look back. The first monkey on the earth which became the person behaved perfectly from other monkeys.

10. You create good

Help people who really need it. You can sometimes help other just kind word, council, a praise or some idea. Still you can carry books and magazines unnecessary you in library, to offer some things and toys in a children`s shelter.

11. Do not look for love

you do not long for not dissipated tenderness. Do favorite thing, openly communicate with other people, and over time you will surely meet the elect.

12. Communicate with children

Children perceive the world differently. They not that naive, at them the vision and interpretation of the adult world is simple. But there is this “Toy Store“ until adults do not begin to climb persistently in it with the adult pragmatical rules and the vital principles.

Perceive the child as the new Universe. Then it will open for you other perception of reality which will help also you to look in a different way on painfully familiar to you a thing and, perhaps, to understand something important what earlier you just did not notice.