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How to get rid of the girl in a week? 12 bad advice to the man of

Very often men in communication with the woman make annoying gaffes, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sad, and happens, as fatal. In this article I will give several bad advice to men who want to spoil the relations with the beloved. Some of these councils are written with a fair share of irony therefore a request to treat them with humour. Perhaps, the “mistakes“ described here will help some to see themselves from outside and to look in a new way at the relations with darling.

Here I give the real man`s mistakes in communication with the woman which can spoil very much human relations, and sometimes lead to parting.

1. Compare it to others

you come to it on a visit. The girl treats you with the culinary delicacy of which she is only capable. Here everything depends on ability to prepare, at the same time as a delicacy it is necessary to consider any dish from a usual omelet to three-layer biscuit cake or pies with cabbage. And so, men, you make a mistake when you speak: “What is it?“, “What strange taste …“, “In my opinion, something is missing … here“, and the most awful phrase “And my mother prepares so …“

In a word, as is told by Carnegie, “Never criticize how your woman prepares!“, you very much risk. Be not surprised if her answer is: “Darling, but would not go you … to the mother!“

2. You speak about its shortcomings

When you begin to speak to the girl about her shortcomings (“Where your waist!“, “You never thought increasing the breast size?“, “Well and a bum you grew, expensive!“), you very much risk. It is possible to receive for such statements on a face, and it is possible to hear in reply too something not really pleasant in the address.

3. Dream aloud of another

When you have sex, do not compare it to some famous actress. You meet the real person, but do not masturbate alone, looking at Pamela Anderson`s photo. And in general, it is necessary to be the mature person to accept people leave imaginations such what they are about ideal love to teenagers.

4. Be the finished egoist

do not listen to her desires why to you it, at you the enough. Convince her to have sex with you when you want and exactly as you want, completely ignore her desires.

5. The real macho is more than brutality

you! Well to what to you to have a shave every day! You will have enough once a week for eyes. And daily only patients take a shower. And you very much like your old kind Tolstoyan (still the grandmother presented it to you in immemorial times), and these jeans you carry the second year without removing. And you nafig need no “Cilantro“ (a comment of the author: Kenzo, one of brands of good perfumery) because your pheromones knock down all passing by women.

6. You do not call her

Never you call, even just to ask “How are you doing?“, even to learn whether she is living still, or, maybe, for a long time married, you do not call her for years. Itself will call. And if she suddenly after all calls, then and tell that all this time hoped that she will call you since you have on the mobile phone not enough money.

7. Change it at any opportunity

you a mature male, so, a monogamy not for you. Your sacred mission: to promote birth rate increase around the world.

8. Do not fight against addictions

It part of your identity. Therefore get drunk before svinyachy squeal more often, be smoked by marijuana, be showered with pyramidon and an acid. You speak to it: “The baby, I love thrills, without them life is boring and intolerable“.

9. Be her avaricious knight

Why to give it flowers? Tomorrow all of them it is equally faded. And chocolate is harmful to its figure. And in general, gifts to girls are given by the grown old dads, and you the normal guy, and at you everything is honest on - Soviet.

10. Play games

Always give preference to game in WordCraft, but not to communication with your girlfriend. The girl will wait, and the hero can be killed at this moment, and then you should begin mission anew.

11. Be an individualist

allow to touch to Nobody your personal belongings: to phone, mr3 - to a player, the computer, the machine - especially your girl. God forbid will break still!

12. Doubt her intelligence

Constantly you teach it to live. You say to it that this life at all not such as she imagines. In detail explain to her how to make simple things with which she and without you could cope quite. At the same time in passing control their performance by the “specifying“ questions.

And if it is honest, then you, probably, already understood that without mutual respect, the trust and the kind relation to each other does not happen between people of the serious and long relations.