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Attacks of sharks on people in Egypt. In what the reason of tragic attacks?

of the Shark in the Red Sea change the behavior, and not in the best party for the person. Numerous and really tragic attacks of “underwater toothy torpedoes“ to vacationers become frightening manifestation of this process.

One Egyptian, the person elderly already, told about an egregious example. The shark never swam away directly on a bank, to the coast earlier. And here workers of one of hotels stiffened shocked together with vacationers: on a coastal strip suddenly came up - the real shark crept out! At it obviously broke “roof“ because the graceful predator is not inclined to suicide as whales, we will tell. The whale is capable to jump out of water on the land to commit suicide, but a shark not from that breed … Its function - lives to select, but not to lose the.

The shark took off a torpedo on the coastline and, directly lying on a water edge, poklatsat teeth. Tourists began to shout to protection - type, kill it, but this history even before mass attacks of sharks to people happened, hunting for predators then was forbidden. The Egyptian had no right to kill this animal under the law! Here and that predator also did not begin to touch. “The thunder-storm of the seas and oceans“ rolled about on the sun about a trifle, took a look at vacationers, a muzzle with teeth kinzhalovidny twisted, included as, at the car, forward “dimensions“.

That is glazishcham rotated, then “cut a reverse gear“, and a flank - a flank jumped back in the sea. People felt then not only fear, but also a great interest to the uninvited guest. Perhaps, then she also attacked people. Someone from vacationers it to herself, the bitch, then obviously looked after! But that only all hypotheses.

Anyway, Egyptians trifle of the danger proceeding from toothy predators in the Red Sea still enough. Even despite the become frequent attacks, part from which came to an end with a lethal outcome for the person.

Somehow I had a rest on the public beach and “got“ security guards by the boat that with a harpoon patrolled the coastal line. Them inquired all whether they saw sharks exactly here, or till it did not happen and if “yes“, then what size there were predators. Was interested whether good teeth at sharks whether the stomatologist is necessary to predators, whether

can ride astride a shark, etc. Egyptians first refused as could, put forward banalities like “there are no sharks here“, “we did not see them“, “yes do not worry you so!“. But we with friends nevertheless did not lag behind from “êèòîáîåâ“, and eventually one of hunters with a harpoon directly asked me: “You from what hotel?“ I frowned, issued it the name then the Egyptian cunning smiled and declared in English: «Ya saw a shark here, nearby. We banished it. It floated in hotel...“ Also calls, the scoundrel, my hotel!

After that I lagged behind people with harpoons, and those breathed sigh of relief. But in half an hour I approached them again, having got from a pocket a folding knife - a corkscrew. I open wine for them as required. I declared to sharks hunters that I have the harpoon that I suggest to organize joint rossiysko - the Egyptian group on elimination of underwater predators, and showed them my weapon - a corkscrew.

Egyptians cheerfully began to smile, pobalakat something in the language, agreed with my offer, but advised to catch a shark at my hotel where that, it seems, and floated. Promised to come as - nibud and for me. Only asked not to forget the weapon. I extended a corkscrew forward and arrogantly noted that my harpoon always with me. On that we also left to great pleasure of Egyptians as it seemed to me. However jokes jokes, and to intentions of the authorities to deal with underwater “machines of death“ gave to gravity new attacks.

After absolutely the attacks of sharks which are crying out on impudence forbade to swim from a pontoon - the long bridge in the sea. It was possible to lap only on a berezhka now. We tried to make the way at night after dances on the beach in Naam - Bae (Mecca club life Charm - Ale - the Sheikh) to bathe stark naked directly at a water edge where the bank, - but each footpath to the sea was blocked. Where be put, from darkness from where - that was come up by the security guard and to pass him it was not represented possible.

And these security measures are obviously justified! It is possible to bathe stark naked and at home in Moscow, in a bathtub though at night though in the afternoon. And here, in a resort if the shark attacks at night, then the red cloud of your blood in the Red sea is provided. And already nobody will help.

Egyptians recognize that they saw near the coast of makhonky cubs of sharks more than once. It is senseless to abuse sharks: the person got into their habitat, and in any way not on the contrary. Time cubs plied along the coast not the first time, it is logical that somewhere depths of their father and mother dissect nearby. They also bite off at bathing a foot, a hand, a palm, pull out pieces of flesh from a hip and so forth. I peered into a sea distance in attempts to see parents akulit, but along the coast high-speed boats with harpoons onboard already circulated. Predators providently left deep into the Red Sea.

It is considered that people are attacked by longipennate sharks. Judging by as far as they are imperceptible, at them, probably, really there are wings, and they are capable to fly over water on beaches from one hotel to another. The author of this black humour - one of vacationers from Ukraine, the doctor of some there whether philological, whether philosophical sciences. Anyway, to meet both with longipennate, and with wingless sharks on vacation there is no strong wish. And it is for this purpose better to keep as it is possible closer to the coast, though it does not guarantee safety for hundred percent. Remember a story about the predator who got out directly on the coast.

There are no protective grids in the sea protecting beaches of hotels from penetration of sharks yet. After a series of attacks of predators of a protection, it seems, will establish. But grids - only symbolical protection and to avoid the phenomenon, it is quite good to get to the bottom of the reasons of the become frequent attacks. Scientists say that in the Red Sea there is an intensive fishing, began not to be enough of food for underwater “machines of death“ , here they also switched to the person.

Plus tourists are partly guilty: for the sake of a beautiful shot on the digital camera lure fishes from pontoons hlebushky, chips, nutlets. The congestion of fish at the coast is as a result observed and where fish, there and predators which eat her. Names to these predators - people and sharks. Therefore meetings of these two species of predators will continue all the same, it is as if sad sounded.

The question is logical: how to avoid attack? There is no guarantee today. If to buy tour in hotel where precisely there are grids from predators, then it is possible to risk and swim away far away. The second option - to swim only in the hotel pool, and to consider the underwater world of the Red Sea through a window of the submarine or a bathyscaphe (such underwater excursions are in assortment practically of any travel agency in the resort). The third - to lap only at a water edge. Solve, your extremities and other members of a body are how expensive to you whether your life is expensive.

P. S. The longipennate shark has length on average 2-3 meters. The trunk is dark - brown, happens also gray. On a breast long fins, from here and the name of a look. Eats generally fish. But does not disdain also people as we can state with grief.