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How not to follow the tastes of sellers? Buy it immediately!

Separately it is worth talking about clothing stores and footwear. Here too there are rules of “successful sales“.

You need to develop for yourself rules of “successful purchases“ then not to regret for deeds. For many people of a discount purchases of a thing are decisive factor.

At us in prosperity of discount shops which are ready to sell you goods at quite low price. It is possible to wander about such shops several hours, choosing and trying on things. In the course of this wandering there is a chance not only to be tired, but also to forget why you came to shop. Therefore upon purchase it is worth paying attention not only to quality of a thing, but also to expediency of the purchase. Let`s tell about how it is correct to place priorities.

1. Listen to the mood

First what it would be desirable to warn about: you do not go shopping alone and furthermore in bad mood - surely buy some “junk“ and you will be surprised then to yourself: “And why I only bought it?!“

2. The principle of a “empty“ purse

If you go to shop without some accurate purpose something to buy, and many women so do, then do not take with yourself a lot of money. It uberezhyot you from impulsive purchases of those things which in principle are not necessary to you.

3. The principle of conscious need

the best option - when you know that you need, for example, spring boots, then everything is simple: you bypass all “dear“ you shoe shops, long measure one couple for another, ask the price and, at last, find the pair of shoes.

4. Estimate yourself objectively

In clothing store and footwear you too artful sellers trap. They will convince you that the dress to you goes that it is very fashionable and actual in the coming season, and it is not terrible that the footwear slightly - slightly presses - it leather, is carried.

Only having come home and having tried on a new thing in front of own mirror, the lady will be convinced that the dress makes look fat it, and she just has no place to put on an actual thing in this season. And that before it carries this pair of shoes, it should rub several times callosities on heels, and eventually these shoes will cause it so much pain and inconveniences that it will abandon them in a far corner of clothes. In a word, one chagrin of such purchases!

5. The principle of convenience

the Basic principle of purchase of footwear - footwear for the person, but not people for footwear. In comfortable shoes you will flit as a butterfly whether on asphalt or on a carpet at office - in them it will always and everywhere be convenient to you. In narrow footwear on a thin hairpin you will be similar to the disabled person, and by the evening you will have only one desire: to arrive home and to throw off from itself these shoes. How many the victims for the sake of beauty! But who told that your legs in convenient footwear look bad?

Many women just do not know that the footwear on a hairpin is thought up for “red carpet“. In other words, you can take this couple with yourself in theater or on a party to the girlfriend, or walk in such beautiful shoes on office. To wear such shoes every day and especially on our broken asphalt sidewalks it is simply unhealthy.

6. When it is worth listening to foreign opinion

do not trust the seller who will flatteringly convince you that this odezha to you very much goes. The seller will tell you anything if only you did not go ungifted away from him.

If you came to shop without attendants, then ask opinion of other buyer - to you to flatter it to anything. Whom to ask? It is desirable at the woman approximately of your age. But be not surprised if you hear such truth which to you and own husband in a face will be afraid in the address to tell, for example, about your too wide hips.

7. And what on it will be told by your friends?

I know

From experience, not all girlfriends can admit honestly that to you this thing does not go. If the girlfriend sees that this thing very much to be pleasant to you, she just will not want to afflict you and to quarrel, abusing your taste. Therefore take with yourself in shop only of honest girlfriends. And here if you buy linen or tights, then take with yourself the man, he will surely prompt to you that will look on you more attractively.

8. When it is necessary to stop

Many women are ready to spend for clothes and the fortune footwear, namely the most part of the salary. However all - except appearance, it is worth thinking sometimes of soul and of rest.

You remember: the funds saved from unnecessary expenditure can be allocated for self-education, a sports equipment, new digital equipment, improvement of an interior of the apartment or good rest.

Make a moneybox of some can, place on it the inscription “And Could Spend Unreasonably!“ or “Saved on Shopping“, lower in this moneybox money which you could spend for things unnecessary you, but all - constrained themselves and did not spend.

Over time the decent sum for which it will be possible to buy something really necessary and useful, for example, the bicycle, the camera or the subscription in fitness - the center will be gained.