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Lovely ladies! Give at first razberymsya whether we should grow thin? How, among us and men are? Well, you sit very quietly and listen, all this also concerns to you.

So, you are active, vigorous, full of ideas, are healthy, wake up with roosters? You have a lot of friends and mass of interests? The only thing that saddens life - several excess kg? Or perhaps they and not superfluous, or not your life sadden? Perhaps it is strangers, the imposed ideas? Perhaps to try to fall in love with itself such how is?. But if from now on you want to be healthy and beautiful, remain with us - you learn what for this purpose should be done.

And you, the lovely girl what in a corner you press close? Ah your superfluous 273 gr. drive you to despair? Do not allow to meet friends, to find work, to marry? Maniacally - depressive psychosis is our profile too. Come another time - we will help!

Well if all are for work in a forceful mood - pristegnyom belts (that did not jump out on the road), and in difficult and dangerous travel to themselves!

Owners of excess weight usually like to eat, have a sleep, carefully avoid physical activity. They have a slowed-down digestion, they have acute sense of hunger seldom, however, like all the time to chew something. They think slowly, and even small cerebration quickly tires them.

Against all this the depression, apathy, laziness, discontent with and the world often develops. The hormonal balance is as a result broken, and the situation becomes complicated.

Being in holiday such people usually “catch“ at once cold which actually is a slime congestion in airways since the food and a dream became more, the movements - it is less, and digestion weak.

What with all this to do? Spring, there is a wish to be beautiful. Recipes are simple, they are familiar since the childhood.

1. To eat, avoid less flour, fat, sweet, any “chemistry“, aerated water, fast food. To prefer fruit, in the evening vegetables in the morning. The main meal - a lunch. While the sun is high, digestion the most active, sits down - ability to digest food falls. Is not at night.

2. To move, go more on foot, to forget about the elevator, to do exercises. To try not to do nothing.

3. To sleep less, to lay down earlier, to rise, not to sleep in the afternoon earlier, to try to live according to laws of the nature, we are as if far from it were.

We know, but we do not do? Does not help? Therefore does not help that we do not do. Ah Izolda Tikhonovna eats more us, and is thin how a match? We that are about - about - that is and - want joint stock company - and - to them! Give us something tasty more that will stay!

Here we also reached a keyword “more“. It - a root of all evils. Let`s observe ourselves how many once a day we want something more - food, clothes, impressions, emotions... Whether easily to refuse “freebie“ (and suddenly it is required!), to throw out an old thing, not to buy superfluous? And buffet...

It is necessary to know that our physical body is the copy thin mental, or mind. Mind is our habits, desires, character. Therefore to try to bring order to a physical body, without having guided it in the head - all the same that to correct the shadow or reflection in a mirror.

The mind exhausted in a day by our infinite and useless desires demands saturation, and about the help of food it is the simplest to make it. Mind relaxes, and the body grows.

From here the rule the last, the most important (but also about the first 3 we will not forget!) .

4. To Pereklyuchatya consciousness from quantity on quality. Be more generous. You give to people around kindness, love and attention - at you it much. Sate yourself giving. You do not seek to create stocks for all occasions: the Universe is rich, on all enough! Be happy and healthy