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How to keep shape, without spending time? Fitness for busy

We want to be beautiful and well developed, harmoniously to move, have a good health. But everyday life of the listed qualities does not demand - so, our way of life does not promote their development. It is necessary to allocate specially time for trainings that not so just at a modern rhythm of life.

How we go in for physical culture? Usual schedule: two - three times a week on one and a half - two hours. In other time many if not the majority of us, lead more or less unhealthy life. That is hour or two in days (and it at best!) we anyway revitalize the organism, and 22 hours we lead the inactive life which is not promoting health. And even on these trainings often there is no time.

How, having an opportunity to give to trainings only three - five hours a week, to reach though how many - nibud notable results?

Answered this question long ago and unambiguously: to train more often, more, more diligent. Still it is desirable under the leadership of the skilled instructor - but it is a subject of separate conversation.

As for the mode and intensity of trainings, they depend only on our desire. Busy persons thought up long ago ways to train, without allocating for occupations of separate time. Similar systems assume that exercises are carried out throughout the day, using any presented opportunity for training.

The first exercises are carried out by right after awakening .

Pay attention what is done by animals after wake up? Cats and dogs stretch in the beginning - and then, vigorous and cheerful, join in active life at once. So why not to adopt so useful, prompted by the nature habit?

So, physical activity begins with the awakening moment. Stretch all over, making active muscles and taking a breath! It is possible to make it lying in a bed, it is possible having got on feet. Only do not jump sharply! Turn sideways and, having lowered legs on a floor, get up.

Day began, and together with it training began!

Morning can be begun with charging though not everyone does it, referring to a lack of time. But not for any charging it is necessary to allocate separate time, taking away it, for example, from a dream. Exercises it is possible and it is necessary to combine with daily affairs. If you stand - for example, in a preparation time of a breakfast or washing - lower the center of gravity, having subbent legs. The lower, the better. If you are able to stand on one subbent leg - that better. Even better - not to stand, and to squat and rise. More difficult option: to hold the second leg suspended as it is possible above, having taken away it back or sideways.

Moving on the apartment, execute several elastic jumps on tiptoe, several steps, highly raising knees, then overflowing shins back (so that to touch by a heel a buttock). Vigorously squeeze and straighten fingers, bend and unbend hands, execute roundabouts in wrists, elbows, a neck … You are limited by only your imagination. Main thing: such warm-up does not demand allocation of separate time.

What at us further according to the plan? The road for work, shopping, walk with a dog - all these actions are characterized by one general factor: we go somewhere or we stand (on a stop, in transport, in turn). So, the exercises which are carried out in a standing position and on the run will be useful to us.

It is better to carry out exercises when you go on average speed. Exercises in a standing position can be carried out in transport, during conversation with colleagues or friends it is absolutely imperceptible for people around.

On the way from the apartment to an exit from an entrance it is possible to continue the previous exercise: to carry out tightening - unclamping of fists, rotations in wrists and elbows, rotations of the head.

Try not to use the elevator, and to go down and walk upstairs. At the same time many of us adhere for a handrail. Try not to adhere, and every time with a force to take a handrail fingers. At regular performance this exercise will perfectly develop force of brushes. Besides thus you not just pump up fingers, and train absolutely concrete ability: quickly it is also tenacious to take. By the way, I train the successful fellow always when I undertake something (certainly, except for fragile objects): pen, book, clothes... It is possible to train the successful fellow and opening a door: nobody will notice that you for a moment squeezed fingers the door handle.

I often see owners of dogs, during walk with the pet carrying out various moves hands, inclinations and turns of a neck and the case etc. It is fine! And all these exercises can be carried out with constantly tight muscles, that is with a self-resistance. Yes, the movements will become more slowly, but you receive essential power loading. And changing tension degree, you can regulate loading.

Standing on a stop waiting for transport or sitting at office, it is possible to carry out static exercises at the same time . Static - because tension of muscles is carried out without the active movement, and it does exercises absolutely imperceptible for people around. The simplest - serially to strain and relax various muscles. Choose force and duration of tension.

Working at a table, it is possible to warm up periodically muscles the movements, imperceptible for people around, for example, quickly raising legs on socks and lowering back. It is possible to carry out exercise by both legs at the same time or serially. It is possible to carry out also the “opposite“ movement: to lift and lower forward part of foot, leaving a heel on a floor. When performing at fast speed this exercise develops endurance and improves a shape of calves. Besides, these and similar exercises serve for prevention of diseases of veins of legs.

Do not forget also about static exercises. They do not require special attention, being carried out as if by “background“, and at the same time perfectly support muscles in a tone, without demanding an extra time on trainings.

Do not forget to stretch from time to time: having leaned back on a chair back, stretch all over, taking a deep breath. It will help to oxygenate an organism, having increased working capacity and eliminating tension of muscles which is inevitably arising in a monotonous pose.

One more group of exercises it is possible to call “evening“ , assuming that it is much more convenient to carry out them during house rest. Why? At least because many exercises are carried out, for example, during viewing of telecasts. Exercises of a “evening“ complex generally static can be also carried out “ōīķīāī“.

Lying on a back, raise the top part of the case and hold situation to exhaustion. It is not necessary to rise highly: the lower, the more loading. You watch that a lower body, hands, the humeral belt and a neck were whenever possible weakened.

raise direct legs Now. The below you hold them, the load of muscles of the lower part of an abdominal tension is higher.

Similar exercise is carried out in situation on a stomach: for strengthening of muscles of an upper back the case rises, for impact on muscles of a lower back - legs rise; in process of fitness the case and legs rise at the same time.

to diversify loading, execute several series of easy jumps on the place. Try to jump up as it is possible above and more quietly. Change situation: legs together, legs at shoulder length, one leg ahead … There will be superfluous no various inclinations, turns of the case, a neck and exercise on an extension - they will remove stress which collected in a day from muscles. Generally, a variety of exercises depends only on your imagination.