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How to make design of the website idle? A bad advice of

creation of the idle websites sometimes requires not less time and efforts, than for creation qualitative and effective.

However many companies - customers and even developers, as a rule, do not give in to such difficulties and use sometimes the incredible efforts for the solution of this most important task.

The website can be very beautiful, improved by difficult detailed graphics, creative, on envy to Beigbeder, encyclopedically informative, but at the same time not to work with . I as the CEO a web - studios want to tell you as to achieve it.

Successful receptions in idle design:

1 . “The blind menu“. Place the menu out of a zone of the first visibility, it is desirable in small print, - for users there is no bigger pleasure, than to decipher your “jeweler“ calligraphy or to play the oculist. And in general, use as much as possible various tracings of a cursive within one page.

2 . Measure 600 pixels down and clean all content and the menu below this zone of a bend. Thus on monitors with a resolution of 1024õ768 which 30% of users use now nothing will be visible, except the beautiful picture.

3 . The menu, headings and the text need to be entered accurately in graphics, and it is desirable for schedule to make brighter than the text - the design has to look organically, despite everything, even on such inconveniences as lack of readability and all signs of a bad usability.

4 . Long, detailed and as it seems to you, very important texts - too an occasion to count on success. It is possible to hope for their attentive reading safely. Avoid theses and a reality in general - long introductions and a small talk with the client will show your readiness for dialogue fraught with a monologue. As often as possible listen to councils of nonprofessional optimizers, fill all space with exclusively key inquiries. At the same time be not afraid of a tautology, uncoordinated offers and other illiteracy, image - nothing, and positions - all!

5 . Be not over-modest! In detail tell on the main page about key advantages of your company, about history of its stunning success and dynamic development - it is madly interesting! Also add on the main page of news of the company and the photo of all employees, it is desirable in several copies.

6 . Visitors of the websites welcoming ardent speeches of the CEOs, always “cling“ hospitable hospitality - an actual trend in business.

7 . It is not obligatory to put contacts and a consumer basket on a foreground at all - will find if it is necessary. And what will longer look for, to buy ardent desire to those!

8 . Use ambiguous images and metaphors, and also doubtful illustrations in design. Clients on your website so adore solving riddles and rebuses, despite a total lack of time. If on your website there are dead references and advertizing modules - you too on the right track! Keep in there!

9 . Make design of the website creative and sincerely hope for possible virus effect - it will be, perhaps, the most right strategic decision. And let you are not confused that to achieve virus effect extremely difficult that the virus websites one on one million though many of them initially reflect as virus.

All the same - hope for the uniqueness, and everything will turn out!