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Romantic dinner: you want that with a smell of spring the first appointment returned?

Hardly you will argue with the fact that everyone wants to be happy. But constant cares and problems turn our relations in gray, routine.

You are married long ago? you Want to refresh with

the first feelings? by

Make a surprise to the fine half - arrange to a romantic dinner by candlelight .

I assure you, it is not difficult at all! And how many pleasant minutes you will deliver to the darling … Especially, if before it never did.

So, we will begin to create …

In - the first, it is necessary to create the correct color scale. Green - color of harmony and rest, identify it with spring and freshness. If green weakens, then red will serve as the best background for “love games“. It is possible to decorate the room with a garland from spheres or to make a curtain of multi-colored tapes. It is possible to recover composition by means of “butterflies“ or other interior stickers.

Dream … Only moderately!

And, of course, do not forget about flowers - the main symbol of spring, love and feminity. They never are much.

What else?

Perhaps, successful soft lighting will help to create the necessary atmosphere. And, of course, beautiful and melodious music. It was registration. And a dinner? Be not frightened … In total in your hands. The dinner as it …

Forward is not so terrible!

In preparation of a dinner use aphrodisiacs. They raise the general tone, awaken interest in life, and at the same time to its sexual party. A number of the known and available products - bananas, avocado, truffles, morels, seafood, caviar etc. concerns to them. It is possible to carry honey, coffee, bitter chocolate, sea cabbage, a celery, horse-radish, an asparagus to natural aphrodisiacs, oysters, dates, nuts, eggs, all kinds of onions, spicy greens etc.

There are simple recipes:

Snack from shrimps with olives

Potrebuyetsya:1 a big cucumber, 20 shrimps, 20 olives or olives without stones. it is very thin to

to cut the Cucumber with circles, to clear shrimps and on a toothpick to pin a cucumber, a shrimp and an olive.

Tomatoes spinach salad Will be required to

: 125 g of fresh champignons, 225 g of avocado and spinach, 200gr cherry tomatoes, 200 g of sheep cheese, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 h sugar spoon, 1 tablespoon of vinegar. it is good to

to wash out and cut Mushrooms and spinach. To remove a stone from the peeled avocado and to cut pulp on thin segments. To cut in half tomatoes, to cut in cubes sheep cheese. To lay out everything in a salad bowl and to mix. To mix vinegar with olive oil, to add salt and sugar. To fill with the received mix salad. It is possible to add sesame, a basil and parsley.

Honey wings

It will be required by

to b: 400 g of tomato paste, 600 g of chicken wings, 100 g of chicken broth, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, 2 tablespoons of honey, 200 g of rice, soy sauce, 80 g of corn, 80 g of green peas.

For sauce to mix tomato paste with broth, to add honey, soy sauce, the crushed garlic. To wash up wings, to fill in with sauce and 30 minutes to extinguish in an oven. To weld rice for a garnish, to add corn and peas.

Recipes you can think up the. You create, and at you everything will turn out.

Believe! The beloved will understand and will estimate your efforts. This evening will return freshness of the first meeting, a touch, kiss … Every new spring our feelings become stronger, mature, so let`s a thicket them show. Our darlings of it are worthy!