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Why in modern Russia there is a lot of freedom?

On open spaces of the Internet found the interesting statement: a pier, “never before the country lived as freely, as at Putin“. And a certain sense in told is made.

Really, any person easily can go abroad. Though according to the tour, though for ever. When still it was? At the Soviet power - at most Yugoslavia. At the tsar-father even Pushkin was not eligible to travel abroad.

And now - from Thailand to Niagara Falls, there would be money. Currency for which put earlier and even shot, now freely is in any bank. Change - I do not want.

The peasantry both at the tsar, and at communists was attached to the earth. Now the earth and the peasant in most cases are not crossed. And it means, full and final freedom of the rural toiler is reached.

Army. When at us served one year? Of course, to final freedom when the service becomes completely voluntary, still far, but a tendency obvious.

Militia. Do everything that is possible, you have “Makarov“. We had no bodies, more free from responsibility, yet. Unless after February, 1917?

Businessmen. Turn as you want, and it is quite possible, the state will not catch you. Put, of course, and still. But in comparison with the Soviet power when shot the director Eliseevsky … Well, it is good that so far do not shoot at court. So, for ring or from an attic from optics. But any more you will surprise nobody with it.

Officials. Full and final freedom for them in all manifestations. More free were unless heteras in Ancient Greece. If in modern Russia to put the Statue of Liberty - such as in harbor of New - York, then this statue has to represent the official, certainly.

Working class. You want - work. You want - do not work. Beauty. There is no article for parasitism long ago. However, and now in the afternoon with fire you will not find the real predominant forces. Everything as our President neatly noticed, want to be lawyers.

Doctors. For free of charge - will look at distance. If take out the diagnosis, and the patient has no money - do not judge too severely. For money all will cut out. Even necessary. Full and final freedom in our health care from free patients is close more than ever.

Teachers. Now at school it is possible to teach everything. Nobody will check any more and will condemn. The teacher of physics and astronomy can quietly explain to children that Earth stands on three foundations. The teacher of literature can read “War and peace“ together with pupils.

School students and students. Never before their heads were clogged with knowledge in such small volume as now. So, in the heads there is a lot of empty seat in which it is possible to push “Simpsonov“ or recipes from glossy, such magazines, free from information.

Athletes. Are completely exempted from result. Drivers - from examination without money. GAI officers - always free cash desk. Bums - sleep where warmly. And so on and so forth.

Thus, it is visible that Russia - the country of completely free people. But the fact that the wreath of freedom fell on a Putin era - I will not agree.

At Yeltsin of freedom was much more.

But that to do to us with such freedom, personally I not really understand.