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Cinema and cinema: a role, influence and purpose of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Cinema cinema a role influence appointment education the advantage harm learns spirituality the screen a sharp plot useful necessary

klv one person Begins to watch the movie - finishes another.

vp At first watch movies necessary, then useful and then desired.

of C Harmful movies - as bad friends.

pv People do not watch film - because they have many problems, and there are a lot of problems - because they did not watch the necessary movies.

pv Other not seen movie - can cost considerable losses, and even cancelled happiness.

in True appointment of cinema has to be education of people, increase of their spirituality, morality, positive outlook.

in Advertising, the competition, benefit dictate shooting and display not of useful movies, and that which will attract more gapers and will give profit.

and Magic of cinema amplifies - with increase in the screen.

and who has a gray life, boring, uninteresting - to that cinema is more necessary.

z Cinema exists to a large extent because actors like to admire themselves from outside, at the same time feeling that

watch millions at them.

and The one who lost feelings at the screen - is indifferent to people in life. there is no

and such book which does not dream to get on the screen.

and Cinema is an advertizing.

and Cinema is an education.

p the Main censorship has to be in the head.

in Daring, romanticism, authority, prosperity of criminals, heroes

of cinema which did not lead to the tragedy, punishment and repentance can be regarded as promotion of crime.

and the Enemy of cinema - boredom.

and Cinema in many respects leaves due to the increased emotionality of heroes and actors.

and the Fad of cinema - sharpness of a plot.

of stars arrests a self-preservation instinct To extremely topical events of the person. It is used by immoral creative people and business for involvement of people.

in Shooting film it is necessary to leave not at tension, and on talent.

and Memory can give what was seen at cinema - as an event in life.

and Film actors are deprived of spectator power.

to Cinema - undertakes from life.

d At cinema of an event are perceived absolutely on another, than in life.

in Action on the screen influences health, spirituality, outlook, behavior of the audience.

and At cinema should bare soul of heroes - but not a body.

and the Best training for game of roles - life.

and Cinema gives the chance to appear in dangerous places, without risking. d the Cinema rescues

from boredom.

and Cinema is first of all thought and soul.

d the Best cinema that, - who forces to forget the viewer that it in a cinema hall.

and Stars have to be in the sky - and on the screen good actors.

at Cinema has to be first of all spiritual food - but not business.

at Cinema should not learn bad - and to cause to it disgust.

and Cinema absorbed in itself many different arts.

and the Movie without scenario is not possible, the scenario without movie - not

is viable.

to Cinema - the certain world.

and the Visit of movie theater unlike television viewing of the movie is the real event which can be remembered well.

z Cinema develops concentration.

yu is in many respects obliged by Cinema to darkness, - which does not allow the viewer to distract.

yu is Too short life - to watch long soap operas.

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