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Whether it is possible to earn in online - a casino?

A few years ago my game interests moved to the sphere the Internet, and of course I could not pass by online - a casino. At once I want to notice that before never was in the real casino (represented them only according to movies from the 11 friends of Ouchene series and about James Bond), and also never played on automatic machines. However, since then the situation did not change :)

What our life? Game!

(Herman`s words in P. I. Tchaikovsky`s opera “Queen of spades“

according to the story of the same name of A.S. Pushkin)

As well as their real analogs, the Internet - casinos are widespread, attract with bright advertizing and promise fabulous profits. Now the Network is simply flooded with various websites suggesting to play gamblings on real money. The scheme is simple: the visitor is registered on the website, fills up the game account and plays well familiar roulette games, poker, black - Jack, “21“, etc. Absolute majority of such websites in Russian-speaking part of the Network suggest to fill up the game account in several various ways: through one of electronic payment systems (WebMoney, RuPay, PayPal, eGold, etc.) by means of a bank transfer into the account of founders and practically never accept cash. Exceptions make unless real casinos for which the website represents not the main, and rather image, additional platform for business.

Advantage of gamblings in the Internet in comparison with visit of a real casino consists that: there is no

need to leave the house, i.e. it is possible to play, being in a habitual house situation;

Speed of implementation of all game operations: the person in front of the monitor - the only client whom the casino visually serves. Of course, actually, there are also other visitors of this website who play the same game in the same timepoint. But in difference from the real casino in virtual none of them disturb you and detains game.

Such simplicity can bribe even the person not inclined to visit a casino and to play on automatic machines in real life. Actually owners of hazardous on-line resources also use it attracting with bright banners and easy money everything new and new unsophisticated users. Earn here as well as in a real casino: using rules and features of each concrete game.

But it is time to pass to business. I allocated strictly fixed sum of 24 WMZ for satisfaction of the interest in gamblings (24 dollars in the WebMoney system, in more detail about it it is possible to read in article “WebMoney: creation of a purse, exchange and replenishment“). My purpose was to receive small stable earnings, playing only a classical roulette.

Just in case I will remind that for competent game in a roulette it is necessary to remember probability theory which is usually studied at university. Without going into details so far, I will tell that in the absence of restrictions for the rate sum the probability theory is on the party of the player. Therefore in a casino there is always the minimum and maximum size of a rate. It is important for us, in how many time this maximum exceeds a minimum since it and will be our operational space.

The simplest strategy of a prize in a roulette consists in putting on one of equally - probabilistic events (“red“ / “black“, “couples“ / “odd number“ and “1 - 18“ / “19 - 36“), since the minimum rate. At loss we double a rate and again we put on the same event up to its realization. At a prize we lower the rate sum to a minimum and again we choose on what event we will play. The net profit from one advantageous iteration is equal to the size of an initial rate (in my case it is the size of the minimum rate).

This strategy is based that the probability of approach of a series of independent events is equal to work of probabilities of each of these events.

Example: let`s count probability of a prize at a rate on equally - probabilistic events, for example, we will put on “red“. the Decision

we Will consider

that the probability of hit of a ball on the red field of a roulette makes 0,5 (50%). Thus, on the first iteration the probability to win makes 50%. If we lost, then on the second iteration the probability increases and makes 75% (1 - 0,5^2 = 0,75). In this case 0,5^2 is a probability of loss “black“ 2 times in a row. We are interested in any situation, except this therefore from the maximum probability the probability of approach of an outcome, negative for us, is taken away. On the third iteration the probability that we will win makes already 87,5% (1 - 0,5^3 = 0,875). And so on.

In appearance everything is simple, but in practice it is necessary to remember the maximum limit of the sum of a rate. If it is reached, and all of you equally lost, then losses on several orders will surpass your profit. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to answer 2 questions: whether

Is sufficient a difference between a maximum and a minimum of the sum of a rate for realization of this strategy? The this difference is more, the higher to change probability of a casino.

What sum needs to be had on the account for a successful covering of operational expenses on any iteration of rates? For example, if the minimum size of a rate - 1 UAH, and maximum - 500 UAH, then our operational space allows to increase a rate of 8 times and to make the maximum rate of 256 UAH (2^8 x 1 UAH). It follows from this that on the account it is necessary to have at least 511 UAH (1 + 2 + 4 + … + 256). (It is counted on a formula of the sum of members of a geometrical progression from a course of school algebra.

What everything ended with

everything Began just remarkably. I steadily got profit about 2 WMZ for half an hour of game according to the scheme. If to increase it by 160 working hours a month, then there were 640 WMZ, taking into account losses at cashing in it was possible to count on 600 c.u. a month. At the same time my earnings as programmer at that time made 400 c.u. a month. The thought came that it is absolutely optional to be engaged in professional activity to mind - it is possible to make money from air. Play the pleasure, and all desires are granted :) Dream of the idiot … Despite so iridescent calculations, everything ended with

it is banal - the casino won the most part of my money which was on the account, and I curtailed the activity and brought balance to WM - a purse.

Why I lost? The reason, as well as in life, is that the casino has all opportunities to influence events in the games. And in a virtual casino to make it still easier, than in the present (it is enough to enter elements of artificial intelligence into the program of generation of the next event, to make events dependent, or in other words to create adaptive system which adapts to actions of the user). In my case I came to grief after in a roulette the ball stopped on the red field 13 (!) a time in a row while I regularly put on “black“. For the sake of interest, we will count probability of my prize on the thirteenth iteration. It makes 1 - 0,5^13 ≈ 0,99988, or 99,988%.

Agree, the probability was very close to 100%, but, nevertheless, I lost. (And how here not to believe in magic of numbers?!) It served me is familiar that in this casino obviously something influences events, except probability theory of :(((

I am sincerely glad for those rare lucky who win the considerable sums in a casino, but I do not see an opportunity to provide stability of such type of earnings since here processes in games are constantly influenced by factors, external for them. Therefore online - a casino I consider just as one of many paid entertainments, but not something to earn a way.