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To go or not to go? Rest in Egypt right after “date revolution“ of

at the end of January, 2011 the MFA of Russia closed one of the most popular with the Russian tourists the country for rest - Egypt. It was connected with mass riots which received the name of “date revolution“.

And what for many Russians Egypt? Almost already native land. For residents of cold Russia rest in Egypt is a remarkable opportunity to escape from ordinary captivity, having gone to the warm, hospitable country, having spent at the same time quite small money. Today to Egypt quite developed tourist infrastructure: Russians are attracted by the comfortable hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants, the unusual nature, well-planned beaches, an opportunity to visit historical known from school lessons of history of the place …

the Russian Foreign Ministry lifted the Ban on March 31, and here the Russians planning the next holiday, now in perplexity. “To go / not to go?“ - here in what a question. Almost Hamlet, like “to be or not to be“. And there is a wish to go to “eternal summer“, and … it is terrible.

Internet now (on April 11, 2011) it is crowded with search queries of type: Whether “Rest in Egypt is possible“ whether “Rest in Egypt in April, 2011“ etc. is possible

But the way is already free and the first, most freezed Russian tourists already stretched to the warm country. And even already come back.

The first impressions come back “from there“.

1. It is possible to have a rest in Egypt. And it is even necessary! Though disorders in the capital and some cities of Egypt periodically renew, in resort areas (Hurghada and Charm - al - the Sheikh) it is practically not felt.

2. The prices of rounds are much cheaper now, than before “date revolution“. And though they already began to grow, they will reach “the pre-crisis level“ most likely by summer.

3. Hotels and beaches almost empty. Clean sea. During absence of tourists owners of hotels and other tourist infrastructure put “economy“ in order. Local authorities took care also of streets and beaches that reminded nothing to tourists of winter disorders.

But, as we know, a stick always about two ends. As it is regrettable, disorders in Egypt proceed. And though in tourist zones of type of Hurghada and Charm - al - the Sheikh everything is quiet, tourists should be limited only to beach rest, having limited excursions to viewing of local sights. It is desirable not to argue with representatives of local population on policy, in the country political opposition continues so far. Always it is necessary to remember that during “date revolution“ from prisons the great number of prisoners was let out.

The MFA of Russia not strongly recommends yet the Russian citizens of a trip to the capital of the country where many thousands demonstrations take place almost every day.

So, question: “To go or not to go now to Egypt?“.

You should solve only. It is possible to go now, it is cheap also with some risk, or to wait until everything settles. However, it is necessary to consider that the tour operators who lost big money during winter disorders most likely will inflate the prices when it is absolutely safe to go to Egypt.