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Prince William and Catherine Elisabeth Middleton. How to become the princess?

in Westminster abbey will take place on April 29, 2011 a ceremony of wedding of His Royal Highness of prince William and Ms. Catherine Elisabeth Middleton. The girl from a family of middle class marries the prince - than not the modern fairy tale about the Cinderella?

It is no wonder that this event causes huge interest not only in inhabitants of foggy Albion, but also it is far beyond its limits. Who is she this lucky woman? Whether it is worthy to become future queen of England? How it managed to win heart of the royal successor who had a reputation for fair Don Juan?

Kate is 29 years old, she has very close-knit family - the father, the former pilot of civil aviation, mother, the former stewardess, the sister Filippa, the graduate of University of Edinburgh, and the brother James, the youngest in a family. Middltona typical representatives of the top layer of middle class. Slightly more than twenty years ago Kate`s parents founded the private company on delivery by mail of goods for the organization of celebrations and parties. This business allowed them to earn a quite good state. The family lodged in own house in the village of Baklberi, the County of Berkshire where it lives till present.

Harmonous, with a magnificent nutbrown hair, delicate features and a charming smile, Kate, certainly, the beauty. Its style, elegance and a manner of behavior submit. But, as it is easy to guess, in circles where prince William, beautiful girls with faultless manners and taste at all not a rarity rotates. What is to eat at Kate what competitors lacked her - to aristocrats?

Kate and William got acquainted in 2001 at University of Saint - Andrews where both studied, and within a year were just friends. In 2002 Kate Middleton presented on charitable display a dress of the beginning designer Charlotte Todd. Among guests of this fashion show there was also prince William. The newly made model in a transparent dress made indelible impression on it. From this point their romantic relations began.

Kate and William had many common interests - art, sport, travel, charity, etc. Besides, William attracted sense of humour and fervent character of Kate. Some time they and several their friends lived in one house. Trying to make impression on Kate, William tried to make magnificent lunches, however at it always something burned down, ran away, spilled, and then Kate came to the rescue.

Gradually their romantic enthusiasm developed into the real deep feeling. However Kate`s affair with the successor of the British throne developed far not cloudlessly. She had to experience all those difficulties which many young girls meet: both novels of the elect, and his fear to connect itself by conjugal ties, and intervention in the relations from his family.

William maintained very independent lifestyle - long was absent for military service, actively visited secular and entertaining actions, was quite often noticed in the company with some beauty - the aristocrat.

Kate was never a mad jealous woman, but her self-confidence at a certain stage reeled. Kate began to panic that loses darling, she developed some proprietary manners. She wanted to know about it everything - where it with whom it. Kate constantly kept ringing to William, filled up him with sms, trying to control each step. Anything good it, naturally, did not lead to. The relations went wrong, and in three years in April, 2007 was officially declared a gap.

And here - that we closely approached disclosure of a secret of success of Kate Middleton. Not without reason speak, “you will seed character - you will reap destiny“. Nesmotryana the fact that the gap with William became for her the real shock and the tragedy Kate there was enough character to get it together, and mind critically to analyse the behavior.

Further Kate behaved as unusually mature personality. Understanding that the persistence can push away only even more William, she provided him time for reflections and exactly so much freedom how many for it it was necessary not to feel claustrophobia in the relations. Having shown full understanding of a situation and patience, Kate showed the advantage, tranquility and independence. Now William began to be jealous, noticing Kate in the company of other young people.

This experience did good to both. In separation William realized as he lacks darling as their relations are expensive to it, and Kate understood, it is how important for the happy union to leave the right to have personal space for the partner. In July, 2007 they were seen together again.

On November 16, 2010 Kate and William declared engagement. After a wedding of steam plans to live in Northern Wales where the division of the royal Air Force in which prince William serves is deployed. If William`s father prince Charles becomes a king, Kate Middleton will receive a title of the Princess of Wales and if William becomes the king, then our “girl next door“ (“the neighbour`s little girl“) will become the queen of England. Also it is thought, the clear head and the beauty Kate Middleton deserves it by right.

Let the modern fairy tale about the Cinderella will have a happy end: “and they will live long and happily“!