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How it is original to pack a gift?

Here also came to an end efforts. The gift was bought, the card and a congratulation were picked up.

Generally, everything is thought over to the smallest details. And what`s next? the Gift needs to be packed beautifully. It is possible to buy special gift paper.

And if there is a wish to surprise the husband, the wife, the friend, the colleague? Let`s think whether there can be a packing original? If yes, that as is unusual to pack a gift?

Idea 1. The photo for memory

the Essence is that you print out your joint photos with the one to whom you will make a gift. Big, small, round, square, bright, light - a set of photos will make packing elegant and interesting. Then you stick together the turned-out sheets A4 in the whole leaf or decorate packing with separate fragments of a collage. Such gift not only will bring the mass of pleasant emotions to the person dear to you, but also will remind of the cheerful and happy moments of joint life.

Idea 2. “I love you“

If you make a gift to darling, then this idea will suit you. You print out the phrase: “I love you“ in all languages of the world. That it was more interesting, for each language you choose the size, a form and color of a font. Cut out these recognitions and paste them to usual gift paper. In the turned-out multi-colored leaf wrap a gift.

Idea 3. The casket from pumpkin

If a harvest allows

, and your gift will be a round or oval form. For this purpose you take large pumpkin and you cut off the top. Something will turn out like a casket. Carefully you peel pumpkin from within. You decorate it with bows, ribbons, spangles. Inside you put a gift.

Idea 4. Packing with flowers

All as usual. You pack a gift into standard gift paper. From above is a gift if it flat, you paste flowers. They can be live or artificial. It is possible to paste petals in the form of heart. It is possible to paste the whole buds of roses. It is possible to paste over all gift with petals. Generally, give vent to your imagination!

Idea 5. The bottle in a foil

This idea suits those who give to the man drink. Cognac or whisky - it is not important. For packing you will need a foil. Densely you wrap a bottle in paper. On it it is possible to draw a jacket and trousers with a black felt-tip pen. The bottle will symbolize the man. You put on a neck of a bottle a little butterfly or a tie (it is possible to make most or to buy in toy store). It is possible to put on a stopper pass - a hat. Here also it turned out small a muzhchinka! Such gift quite will be suitable for the colleague or for the old friend.

Idea 6. “Cold! More warmly! Even more warmly! “

Idea No. 6 can be used if you give absolutely small gift. For example, ring or earrings. You buy in shop of a box - “nested doll“. They enter each other - starting with small and finishing big. In the smallest you put a gift. (It is possible to strew a gift of confetti or to hide it among pass - candies.) And in turn you put boxes each other. It is possible to play old children`s game: since the biggest box, you write words “Cold“, “More warmly“ etc.

It is only several ideas of registration of a gift. Everything depends on your imagination. It is possible to clean something from idea, to add something. The most important - the person who will receive your gift will see that you independently thought up and made packing. And it is pleasant doubly.

Surprise the relatives, and they will not be in debt!