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Fashion on a positive. Where all - to look for it?

became lately fashionable to look for a positive . Wishing to adopt useful experience, I was puzzled with searches too. But quickly understood that definitely I do not know how the required object looks, and poorly I represent where it can be found.

What is a positive?

the word from armor Comes. positivus “positive“. In relation to perception of life the condition of pleasure, a positive spirit, sometimes delight means. Outlook on life from the point of view of a positive assumes search in everything good and pleasant, absence of accent on bad, allocation of the best. From this point of view, the desperate situation is a situation in which it is necessary to be engaged in something in another, to get it together and to work, but not to wait for the rescuer.

Means, the positive is defined by our state and mood which, in turn, are result of the steadiest and constant feelings, and feelings - the lasting basis of the flashing emotions.

Turns out, it is all about emotions - it is necessary to look for them

of Emotion is a form of psychological adaptation thanks to which ancient people became our ancestors and we please with the presence this world today. A great role of emotions - in motivation of the person to the actions solving the vital problems. Excess of emotions (both positive, and negative), as well as their absence - a symptom of a mental disease.

Negative emotions (fear, anger, disgust, shame, fright, crying, grief, wine, etc.) - motivate us to action, initiate specific types of behavior, saving in the presence of threat lives and to health, point to existence of a problem. They force us to accumulate new information and to change something in our approach to the solution of problems, help us to study.

Positive emotions (pleasure, enthusiasm, fun, interest, pensiveness, laughter, pleasure, etc.) - stir up our thinking and activity, induce to game, research, pleasure, creating us personal resources: physical, intellectual, social - the key to success in fight for a survival. They arise in that case when under the influence of negative emotions we chose a right direction, give us pleasant feelings, are endured by us as good. It does them useful and valuable.

Thus, the positive assumes the timely change of adequate controlled emotions creating to us comfort, a cosiness, stability and security.

Where to look for emotions?

History - thanks to the heritage left to us, today we use achievements scientifically - technical progress, fruits of spiritual and cultural development, often we underestimate a great contribution of ancestors to our wellbeing. It is very useful to endure anew from the top point of a spiral of evolution former sorrow and anger, indignation, grief and grief, to feel inspiration, pleasure, admiration, delight, to show interest and enthusiasm. The person who lost or forgot the history falls in the development on many centuries ago.

Art - is inseparably linked with history, its great mission - to imprint images and events, but unlike dry texts, schemes and cards, it is urged to reflect feelings and emotions, to transfer attitude. The works of classics and masterpieces which are saved up for centuries can give an unknown charge of emotions. It is worth looking narrowly also at modern art forms. Many of them are executed in new style, new equipment with use of new technologies and show a view of authors of present events. Our perception in many respects depends on our spirit therefore try to look at the works rejected earlier anew. Perhaps, in a heap of words, chaos of sounds and flashing of paints you will see something new that will force to flash emotions.

Mass media - the opinion that in mass media negative information prevails exists. We are hypnotized, brainwashed, blackmailed, intimidated. Not to read the newspaper, not to watch TV, and the Internet … at - at - at...! But look and read, look and gasp, gasp and read (some sigh). The impression is made that meets more often and demands completion deficiency of negative emotions. It is necessary to remember that timely change of emotions is important for a positive. The main thing - not to go in cycles in bad. There is a lot of kind, joyful, fascinating, cheerful information.

Religion (from armor. religio - “shrine“, devotion, piety) - the idea of the world based on belief in existence of supernatural force. Prerequisites for emergence of religion arose at the time of formation of verbal communication and emotions. The fear before unknown, uncertain, unknown pushes us to find a way of reaction to reduce the negative importance of a situation. Religiousness - an obligatory stage of development of the personality. Its presence at each of us at that measure which is necessary for creation of psychological stability, an exit from the conflicts and contradictions, unsoluble at this stage, is positive. Extent of this presence is defined by a level of development of the personality. You should not use religion as remedy for leaving for reality, the solution of problems and responsibility.

The belief is unconditional and based on empirical knowledge, the internal belief which is not demanding proofs. The psychophysiological foundation of belief is laid in the early childhood when training takes place on the basis of an example and imitation. At this age in it the main protection against unknown and dangerous situations is concluded. We since the early childhood trust somebody without reservations, conditions and objections. In the beginning parents become these powerful persons, then other leader valid or imaginary can replace them. There are many examples when the deep faith in God, this world, the internal force worked wonders, gave the chance to receive the desirable. Truly believing person each event, good or bad, perceives as the invaluable experience promoting personal and spiritual growth. Having realized it and having comprehended, it goes further on life instead of aching and whining.

The arches of moral standards and types of behavior are created taking into account traditions, morals and ethics and make a mutual understanding basis. They arose in the course of formation of society. Whether it be Christ`s Precepts, the Moral code of the builder of communism, the Constitution or Traffic regulations, their existence it is caused by need to regulate relationship between people. The set of the positive moments, even such as fact of our existence is put into them. It well helps to realize the composition on “What Would Be on Earth if …“. The main thing when writing - to be truthful. Negative emotions demand actions. If you are oppressed by injustice, it is important to understand and realize correctly the reasons which are hidden at you inside. It is possible to think up the form of a protest which is most acceptable for you and to be puzzled with searches of supporters. It is better, than to save in itself a negative. From the point of view of a positive of desperate situations does not happen.

“100 grams“ - having drunk “100 grams“, the person feels raising of mood, comfort, self-confidence, easily contacts, stress and an excessive emotional pressure is easily removed. In what the evil of this divine drink? Alcohol blocks negative emotions - a signaling device of danger and trouble, the powerful lever for the solution of problems. When its action comes to an end, problems come back with a bigger force and in a bigger quantity. Thus, there is a resistant association of positive emotions and alcohol leading to alcoholism.

Many sources can give us a charge of emotions, both positive, and negative. The main thing to learn to use them to itself for the good as incentive for decision-making and search of an exit from the created situations, the personal and spiritual growth, creation of a cosiness, comfort, stability and security. Where you looked for emotions for the positive, it is important to be present here and now, not to leave from reality, not to shift responsibility and the solution of problems to others shoulders.

It is necessary to look for a positive first of all in ourselves: in our perception and the relation to life, society, world around.