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FN SCAR. What has to be a rifle for the real rangers?

the First organized special forces in America were the Texas rangers. It was the organized structure which was carrying out tasks with which neither the regular army, nor police, nor national guard coped.

Since then the groups of a special purpose which are created for the solution of specific special tasks began to call rangers. As rangers had special tasks, very specific which not on forces to solve to anyone. Capture and (or) extermination of especially dangerous criminals (in the state and international scale), diversions on especially protected objects, protection of the top officials of the state … And other … also specific tools are necessary for

A for the solution of these tasks. Including weapon.

The standard American automatic rifle M16 (M4 carbine) at the beginning of the 21st century did not answer these tasks any more, and at the end of 2003 Command of Special Operations of Sil of the USA (US SOCOM) announced a competition on creation of an assault rifle for forces of a special purpose. SCAR - Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (an assault rifle for divisions of a special purpose). The German assault rifle XM - the 8th German weapon firm Heckler - Koch was the alleged leader.

The rifle of the American division of the Belgian company FN Herstal - FNH USA Inc absolutely not similar to XM - 8 won these competitions. Created according to the traditional scheme which well proved in the legendary Kalashnikov, quite cheap and simple in production, service and repair. Besides, the FNH USA Inc firm having big production capacities in the territory of the USA was capable to provide production of necessary number of the weapon in such short time which other participants of a competition could not provide. The considerable role was played also that FNH USA Inc already delivers to military department of the USA the rifles M16 and machine guns of M240, M249.

In the middle of 2005 there were new rifles which received the official designations Mk. 16 SCAR - L (Light) “easy“ and Mk. 17 SCAR - H (Heavy) “heavy“, and FN SCAR which are informally called just.

The rifle SCAR - L is calculated only on cartridges of caliber 5. 56õ45 mm of NATO - it is intended for replacement of the automatic rifles M4 and M16, SCAR - H - intended for replacement of the rifles M14 and Mk. 11, the USA used in army as sniper. This modification as basic ammunition uses much more powerful cartridge 7. 62õ51 mm of NATO, with an opportunity to use the Soviet cartridge 7. 62õ39 mm, and with this boss the rifle SCAR - H has to use shops from Kalashnikovs (caliber 7. 62 mm).

In both configurations of the rifle SCAR can have three possible configurations:

- standard “S“ (Standard) for fight at distance of 300 - 500 m;

- shortened for near fight to 300 m of “CQC“ (Close Quarters Combat);

- sniper “SV“ (Sniper Variant), for exact defeat of the purposes at distance of 500 m and more.

The weapon from four parties is supplied with Pikanilli`s levels for rifle “weather-cloth“ all accessories (sights, a lamp, a laser tseleukazatel etc.) .

Lyrical digression. “Planck of Pikatinni (English Picatinny rail) (options: Pikatini, Pikkatini, Pikattini) - system of the rail interface, the arm used on different types of shooting arms for ensuring unification of fastenings of sights and other auxiliary accessories, including tactical lamps, laser tseleukazatel, bipods, etc.“ source: Wikipedia.

Change of a trunk is carried out by forces of the fighter, deeper modification under other ammunition by the armorer of division. In all options of the rifle SCAR have the identical device, the same governing bodies, the same procedures of service, repair and cleaning, the greatest possible interchangeability of details and accessories.

Interchangeability of details options of rifles makes a boundary to 90%. The tool used for change of a trunk is included in the package which is settling down in a weapon butt, i.e. always near at hand.

And now, having read all this boring rubbish, tell, it did not seem to you that each American ranger drags on himself the whole cart of all pieces of iron (2 rifles, 6 trunks etc.) and heap of mixed ammunition. Of course, no! If it was so, each fighter of the American special troops would remind the plane from the known joke: “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain and crew welcome you. On our up-to-date liner there is a restaurant, bar, a tennis court, the pool. And now it is quiet, we will try to fly up at least with all this junk“.

Naturally, modification of the weapon is chosen, proceeding from the intelligence data. If fight in dense urban development is supposed, then the short trunk and the easy boss is chosen. Fight at long ranges, for example, in mountains, demands, on the contrary, a long trunk and the long-range “machine-gun“ boss. If it is supposed to work in the back of the enemy (and enemies of Americans are practically always armed with Kalashnikovs), the weapon under a cartridge and standard shop of joint stock company - 47 respectively gathers.

Advantages of the rifles FN SCAR:

1. Simplicity and reliability. The rifle is grouped according to the scheme similar to the legendary Kalashnikov. Ease of assembly - dismantling and repair in field conditions.

2. The fighter can shoot from any hand - both on the right, and at the left. The handle of raising of a lock can be established both on right, and on the left wall of a receiver. The three-position flag translator - a safety lock (as on the rifle M16 and its modifications) settles down on both walls of a barreled box. The button of an extractor of shop is also duplicated on both sides. Emission of sleeves is thought also over not to prevent the shooter to fire from the left shoulder.

3. The butt is supplied by the thick rubber zatylnik who is partially absorbing energy of return at a shot. Changes on length and adapts each shooter individually. In marching situation it develops to the right.

4. Rather low rate of fire (550 shots a minute) allows “to count“ quantity of the shot cartridges precisely.

5. The folding bipods turning a rifle into an easy machine gun are in the tactical handle. The removable handle with folding bipods settles down under a trunk inside and easily it is displayed and develops.

6. From the subbarrelled grenade launcher it is fired from the same handle, as from a rifle.

7. The butt is supplied by the thick rubber zatylnik who is partially absorbing energy of return. Besides, the butt is regulated on length individually under each shooter.


1. The rifle, even in the easiest configuration, is heavier than standard M16.

2. The tool is necessary for assembly - dismantling of the weapon. However, it settles down in a butt.

3. The rifle is almost not intended for hand-to-hand fight.

Since 2005. the rifle began to arrive regarding a special purpose in Iraq and Afghanistan. The weapon in fighting conditions proved to be from the best party. The exact, convenient, reliable, not afraid pollution by small desert sand (an incurable illness the rifles M16 and its of modifications).

And here the rifle created especially for special forces gradually “removes“ to regular army of the USA. There is also large-scale plan of rearmament, gradual replacement in warring parts of the rifle M16 (M4 carbine). Full transition to the rifles FN SCAR was planned by 2010. It did not occur yet, financial crisis of 2008 prevented. But it is already impossible to stop progress.

To replace “habitual antiques“ - the rifle M16 which served in army of the USA nearly 50 years absolutely new trunk comes.