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“Fight for Los - Andzheles“. Where to newcomers with honey it is smeared?

the National sign say: “If you dozed off behind viewing of the large-scale Hollywood blockbuster about fight of mankind against alien aggressors, then or you are a thin esthete, or the movie - a full lazha“. Of course, coincidence of two of these events in spatially - a temporary continuum is possible too, however it is worth remembering that the blockbuster is the strength of Hollywood. Its essence. Its center of gravity. Its image on the international scene of cinema.

It is possible to kosterit some Americans for dullness, a pomposity and banality of their loud, advertized fantastic projects (than I also am going to be engaged once again), like recent “Skaylayn“ or last year`s “2012“. But it is also quintessence of Factory of stars. Movies with which Hollywood is associated unambiguously and irrevocably. That - that, and Americans are able to zababakhat a powerful action and do similar pictures best of all on the planet. With rare exception. Alas, Johnathan Libesman`s picture “Alien invasion: Fight for Los - Andzheles“ (Battle: Los Angeles, 2011) that also is.

… The sergeant Michael Nantts (Aaron Eckhart) chose the wrong day to resign. He almost managed to sign a roundabout leaf when a news literally blew up messages on the large meteoric rain which immediately turned into alien invasion, the first in the history of mankind.

Having gone into the disposal of the inexperienced, but ambitious lieutenant Martinez, the sergeant Nantts directs group of marines whose task includes evacuation from coastal areas Los - Andzheles (read - front lines) civilians. Marines, as usual, everyone with the cockroaches: someone here - here has to marry, at someone a nose the demobee, and the lieutenant Martinez of the house is waited by the pregnant wife. The small background will acquaint the viewer with all key characters that then them it was more pathetic when they fall in the battlefield.

It is natural that mission turned into the complete chaos when soldiers faced newcomers and the mechanical drones operated by them. The lieutenant was punched, subordinates began to perish as flies, and space aggressors every hour became stronger. To survive, the sergeant Nanttsu should overcome disagreements in group, to show personal heroism and to find a way to be quit with the huge alien Brain operating army of heartless and killing zaslanets from space …

Even from an avaricious statement of a plot of the movie becomes clear that Libesman`s tape of admirers of a fighting fantasy could present with nothing essentially new. “Fight for Los - Andzheles“ is a certain generalized character from series of popular tapes, including “Falling of the Black hawk“ of Ridley Scott, Michael Bae`s “Transformers“, “Skaylayna“, “Monstro“ and still more small yes is more ancient than a number of pictures.

I do not know whether intentionally the director and his screenwriter Christopher Bertolini stuffed the creation with continuous quotes, but let`s argue sensibly. Who such, actually, Libesman? The compatriot of the talented South African Neil Blomkamp (“Area No. 9“), Johnathan Libesman began career with quite good and rather scary thriller “Darkness Comes“. And then ideas at it ended. And he began to be engaged in the fact that he successfully advanced others finds in life. So movies “The Texas slaughter by the chiansaw were born: The beginning“ (the prequel of a remake), “Are ringing“ (based on the well-known Japanese horror film “Is ringing“ also its American alterations) and the “Room of death“ which was desperately reminding “Saw“ on style and execution.

In other words what you wanted from the person who constructed all the career on imitation other, more successful cinematographers? Only the competent and original scenario could rescue Libesman. And whom, it is asked, producers invited to this honourable post? Ah yes, Christopher Bertolini who composed the tedious detective story “General Daughter“! Fine choice, misters. Now the movie has every chance to provide accident not only on the screen, but also in cash desks of movie theaters.

So it, actually, also turned out. Despite presence at a picture of the strong characteristic actor Aaron Eckhart (“The dark knight“), and also the fighting aunt Michele Rodriguez and nice civil Bridzhet Moynekhen (“I, the robot“), the viewer reluctantly queued for tickets. The month which passed from a film premiere “Fights for Los later - Andzheles“, it is possible to establish finally the fact that fight for the viewer is lost. In a percentage ratio of expenses to profits the tape even managed to lose to low budget “Skaylayn“.

And how many there were sensations around the project! Promised us improbable intensity of emotions, terrible alien frights, the atmosphere of a concrete apocalypse and a full polar fox to all those who will dare to compare “Fight for Los - Andzheles“ to a low-standard fantasy of brothers Strauss. And what as a result left?

It was offered to Libesman to create the powerful human drama against fantastic scenery of Los captured by the fires of war - Andzheles. In use of the South African professional performers and 70 million dollars of producer money were provided. And where this money, I`m sorry, got to? On the screen their presence is almost imperceptible.

The main claim to aliens. It is a real nightmare. In sense of realization. Any close up. All newcomers are vague shadows in a haze or heavy mechanical designs, svayanny on “tired of cloning“ to drawings of “Terminator“ and an image - similarity of the flying cars from “Matrix“. Alien aggressors coward run in the distance, firing at half-dead infantrymen from blasters and elaborate grenade launchers on legs. Their flagships urged to inspire fear and awe remind a lot of metal garbage.

All right, we will leave alone aliens. What there from the heroic component promised in numerous trailers? Here, in general, everything is adjusted skillfully. The trouble is that guerrilla war on streets Los - Andzheles exactly - in - exactly copies skirmishes of the American soldiers with local population in the famous military drama of Ridley Scott “Falling of the Black hawk“. Places coincidence absolute. If the indistinct figures of newcomers which are not flashing on a background, then a full-fledged deja vu it would be provided.

Plus to everything, over a muffled fantastic component and absolutely secondary plot, authors still managed to impose a thick, viscous layer of pathos. It was necessary only to wave zvezdno - a striped flag in a shot and to involve in rescue of the nation of the next president. However, and without it “Fight for Los - the Andzheles“ is rather reminded not by the fantastic film fighter, and the military propaganda material.

Verdict: very weak cinema turned out. The understood business, nobody expected a sophisticated intrigue and deep psychologism from Libesman. The hope was on the fact that the invested money at least will be cast to the viewer by tasty special effects and the colourful picture. Well and here “Fight for Los - Andzheles“ represents an inconsistent show: the most part of the movie is “fight in the Crimea, all in a smoke“ with a fair share of stamped banalities and pathos dialogues.

P. S. In the first comment - a movie trailer.