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“Risen from hell“. Who inhabits Clive Barker`s worlds?

Great and awful Clive Barker. Of course, not such great, as his colleague from literary shop Stephen King. But, undoubtedly, not less inventive in the dreadful imaginations. Says only that fact that usually advise the people who were in time to study from cover to cover creativity of King about it to pay attention to Barker. Or Kuntz. The others obviously a rank it is below.

Those who are familiar with works of the British not by hearsay, know and respect his corporate style. It is more than blood. It is more than meat. It is more than sex. The author follows these three rules strictly, therefore after reading of couple of novels you will begin to feel to it either love, or hatred. The third is not given. I will make a reservation at once that I, alas, just treat that part of audience that periodically “tastes“ Barker, but cannot digest. About it I will try to cover the thoughts on the example of him the well-known movie “Risen from Hell“ (Hellraiser, 1987).

… A typical British family - Larry, daddy - a rag, his new passion Julia preferring to sleep with his brother and the daughter from first marriage Kirsty who did not manage to come into contact with the cold and haughty stepmother. In what, ask, nuance? The matter is that that loveful brother Frank is fond not only the fact that he tempts women though in it he obviously does not have equal. Frank tried all reasonable pleasures in the life and is in search of unreasonable. On this field the destiny pits him against the seller of rare things who without special pressing provides a box, tempting on form and content, in Frank`s use.

This bagatelle as in the fairy tale, attracts and asks to touch. However here the trouble - the operation manual is not included in the package. Frank at own risk presses the invisible button and voila: opens a portal in an underworld. The local “lovely“ creations called by ksenobita are a good judge of the perverted entertainments. The poor creature Frank becomes their eternal hostage doomed to the torments adjoining on voluptuousness.

But to Frank something did not get accustomed in hell. Whether the situation did not attract, whether interruptions in firewood were not observed, whether just he wanted to look at the beloved Julia once more. Therefore when the family comes back to the London house, thanks to combination of circumstances Frank escapes a fixed look of ksenobit and is to the mistress in the flesh. More precisely, partially in the flesh because in hell the poor fellow was decently pokromsat.

To return the former shape, Frank needs others blood. It is desirable fresh and human. Julia agrees to entice into the house of men from whom her friend exhausts vital juice and gradually itself turns into the person. Their plan could even be realized if not the curious Kirsty who incidentally found a secret of this “terrible“ couple. The treasured box falls into her hands, and to survive most, the girl is forced to conclude the bargain with envoys of hell …

To an exit to screens “Risen from Hell“, Clive Barker already managed to work several times at cinema as the screenwriter, including on a well-known TV series of “The fairy tale of a dark side“, and also twice (“Salome“ in 1973 and “Forbidden“ in 1978) independently to picturize own texts. Thus, “Risen from hell“ which scenario belongs to Barker`s feather too became his third experience of direction.

It is hard to say why this low budget horror film, and later “The night tribe“ or “Kengdimeng“, acquired really cult status among admirers of a genre. So cult that after it eight continuations followed (the last came straight to video in March, 2011), and in 2012 the remake is planned.

We will begin with the fact that the movie, unlike the book, is rather balanced. And a plot which - what is available and characters are registered distinctly, and horrors, though bloody very much, but quite tolerant and terrible at the same time. And here the novel is written very chaotically. Who read - knows. Barker, unlike the same King, “does not hold a line“ and often gets off in ravings of a madman. Its books are written very peculiar, and not to everyone in power to sustain an impact of his imaginations.

But the key to success became all - not excessively naturalistic details of the perverted Julia and Frank`s relations, and presence at a shot of those ksenobit from which literally goosebumps. The terrible freaks self-torturing themselves by means of all elaborate devices give to the movie the unique atmosphere.

Has to tell that just in the first part of the franchize creators found for monsters of very little screen time. Generally the narration turns around the fugitive Frank (he also is “risen from hell“) and his girlfriend Julia who, living “beats the principle - means, loves“, does everything to return to life of the lover. Ksenobita come to the forefront only under the end of a picture and, by the way, considerably recover action.

The inconceivable number of sequels (it is more only at the well-known film series “Friday, 13 - E“) is obliged by the emergence by aspiration of authors (including the producer and the screenwriter of part of these movies - Barker) to pay more attention to these strange beings. Nevertheless, one and all continuations of history turned out much worse. Since the fifth part which left in 2000 they were issued on video at once (then on DVD), passing film distribution.

Verdict: One of bright representatives of a genre of a garden - mazo thrillers with mysticism elements. Authors managed to keep narration seclusion (action of the movie is practically not beyond one house) and at the same time to move apart a framework of habitual ideas of spectator audience of inhabitants of an underworld.

Owing to the naturalism, the movie, of course, on the fan. Barker remained is faithful to himself and stuffed shots with decent amount of meat and blood. However, unlike any “Hostels“ and faceless continuations of “Saw“, here the violence though somehow locates. The passion human leads to self-destruction, and mad love - to so mad acts. And though all heroes of a picture suffer equally, there are a wish to empathize only very young Christie who appeared in the middle of this violent nightmare absolutely incidentally.

P. S. In the first comment - a trailer to the movie.