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Lexicon and lexicon of the person


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Lexicon the individual lexicon of the person a vocabulary rich to form to apply to use to include to enrich correctly

pv On a vocabulary of the person it is possible to judge his intelligence, age, education, intelligence, activity, hobbies …

d Formation of a lexicon depends on Wednesday in which the person is.

pv the lexicon should be formed first of all those words, - through which you are understood better.

pv Before including the new word in the lexicon should comprehend its value well.

z Than includes more people in the lexicon of words which value he understands badly - his speech is less clear to those, and the reason is more obscured. and Fans to boast

include words which value is not understood in the lexicon.

but should not be afraid to think out new words.

z Rich lexicon is necessary not so much for eloquence how many

in order that more precisely and correctly to express thoughts. pvl the Person has to remember

that his words as the thrown grains, give shoots.

to Rich lexicon - decorates mind.

d What words - such also put.

p the Proper, necessary words work for the person - superfluous against him.

p the Lexicon is devastated by anger, offense, jealousy … p Words as an arrows - have to aim and strike with


p Richness of the lexicon should be used in that degree in which it is available to

to understanding of those to whom information is addressed.

p Communicating with large or unfamiliar audience, it is expedient to use a lexicon, average on wealth. p Very important to the person to determine by

basic words of the lexicon.

d the Active lexicon of the person constantly on a surface - to them the person uses easily and quickly.

and the Passive lexicon which the person does not use a long time - can be lost.

d the Lexicon of the person is enriched with education, communication, reading and other sources of information.

d the Lexicon of the person is adjusted by communication, falls apart - loneliness.

and the Person seeks to speak - to grind the lexicon and to improve oratorical abilities.

d Lexicon of the person is changed by his profession.

and What the lexicon - especially clear expression of thought is richer with.

p There where thought can be turned into business at once - words there is nothing.

p Is very important to learn to express clear, otherwise you will look silly and even to irritate people.

p is Less than words - the speech is more precious.

and Correctly been loss for words - can move heaven and earth.

p is Not enough to give rise to valuable, brilliant thought, to dress it in the correct, beautiful, intelligible words - it is necessary to enclose it in an ear worthy.

and Many words get deeper meaning and value over time. to p Verbosity - truth you will not open


and Language of the one who, without having learned simple life, plunged into

the highest matters at once is not clear to simple people. And to something to teach

possessing such language of hardly anyone - that will be able.

p the Speech only then will be penetrating - if transfers not only thoughts of the person, but also his sincere experiences.

p Eloquence helps to convince.

and Can tell people only one phrase to make on them great impression which can be kept in

of memory for years.

kp the Words which are not connected with thought - that a tree without roots.

p Being expressed abstrusely, we irritate people.

p That to use in graceful appearance and the grace of mind - if thoughts are dressed in indecent and gloomy words.

pv not to apply an offensive language a little - it is necessary not to have not standard thoughts yet.

d can be the Cause of foul language a poor lexicon with lack of words, similar on sense.

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