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We keep the head in cold? Is not present: we try on a cap with ear-flaps …

“Keep the head in cold, a stomach in hunger, and legs - in heat“ …

If the author of these words really A. Suvorov, then a lot of things become clear concerning the head - to any just right to put something cold to the head, be going it through the Alps from Russia to Europe on foot to go. Yes, still armed cap-a-pie.

Though. … In Russia almost everything becomes “through the Alps“, and military expedition of A. Suvorov looks nearly normal phenomenon. And to go in the bare-headed winter - too it is considered normal for some.

But me that there is a wish to be such “Suvorov Military School student“ not really-. More precisely - at all there is no wish. I do not want to walk on snow-covered streets half-starved and with the chilled head.

It is pleasant to me when in the winter in my stomach pleasant weight from high-calorie food, my legs - dry and warm in convenient footwear and the head it is comfortable in a beautiful cap.

Of course, tastes differ. - argue on tastes. Here and me there was a wish to remember - to argue what winter headdresses are preferred in Russia. Especially as to Europe rather far, and to cold weather in Russia it is already absolutely close - it is time and to take care of himself by the forthcoming winter season.

The cap with ear-flaps is the real symbol of Russia! If I only could, I would put on a stamp two-headed eagle of a cap with ear-flaps. And, on one head would pull a cap more deeply - nearly over eyes, would lower ears at a cap down and stuck more tightly under a beak - a chin. On other head - on a nape would pull down a cap, raised ears at a cap up and would not tie. Let one ear of a cap would crack, and laces - ties dangled in different directions. There would be beauty! Somehow in Russian it would turn out. … Our way.

How many myself I remember - many with pleasure wear caps with ear-flaps in the winter. In them it is convenient to both children, and adults. Conveniently in them to be at war and go to rural club to dances, it is convenient to bring down and agitate the wood on the street in favor of some deputy, it is convenient to play and welcome in snowballs from stands of the simple people dressed in simple caps with ear-flaps from a rabbit.

However, the general hobby for fur of a rabbit ended for a long time. Now caps with ear-flaps sew from all that it is possible to call fur. Sew even from teddy bears.

But the natural fur is still highly appreciated in Russia. Caps with ear-flaps sewed and sew from fur of a dog, a raccoon, a beaver, the muskrat opposite by sight to a nutria and noble is black - a brown fox. … Sew from a polar fox, a mink, from fur of the Angora goat. … Pay - and to you will sew a cap with ear-flaps from a sable or an ermine.

In the general, all that quickly runs, is lazy moves, well floats and has fur, goes for production of caps with ear-flaps. If the fur ugly, then it is painted. If long - it is cut. Well, and if furs - just barely enough, then combine it with other materials or simply - for appearance.

Probably, dashing fighters of times of civil war in Russia were the first designers of a cap with ear-flaps. In the quiet autumn evenings they lovingly sewed red tapes obliquely to a cap, quietly singing revolutionary songs.

The cap with ear-flaps so was pleasant to the Russian military that they use it as part field and a parabottom to this day - output regimentals. Than a cap from astrakhan fur for a guard of honor and high ranks, from a fur of the tsigal sheep it is simpler - for soldiers, from unclear what fur - for average officers.

Now all attention of designers of military regimentals is more and more concentrated on “man`s“ costume jewelry - on cockardes, badges, emblems, stripes, laces to shoulder straps … women were engaged in

A in a cap with ear-flaps. For, of course. What only they did not invent that the cap with ear-flaps became beautiful and convenient! That suited them. About it it is never possible to write and to finish much - while you write about one, they already new will think up.

But me it is time to stop writing - today I have an appointment to the nice fat woman …. Already I represent how we go on the first snow, holding hands, and looking at each other eyes in love. Snowflakes, being turned, fall accurately on my cap with ear-flaps and on it, beautifully tied up Bohr scarf as if decorating us to the forthcoming wedding. To us it is warm and cozy …. To us it is good.