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Political annihilation: what will be tomorrow?

For a start we will specify definition. Annihilation (annihilatio) - one of types of transformations of elementary particles occurring at collision of a particle with an antiparticle. At annihilation the particle and an antiparticle disappear.

It was at the beginning of 90 - x, I then worked as the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets“. That morning we with the familiar lady - the deputy slowly walked along a building corridor of the Moscow Council in the Tverskaya, picking to pieces to local politicians. The low person made advances in a cap. Having approached my companion, he greeted, and they began to discuss business on real estate: who will get the building of an antitubercular clinic which is in the center of Moscow. To “MK“ I often wrote about work of city medical institutions, and it was amusing to observe how the destiny of a clinic, and is multimillion real estate, decides is ordinary and simply. In a corridor.

Here so I saw alive the person in a cap, the son of the carpenter, the notable petrochemist and the beekeeper Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov. It was still remembered that when we stood nearby, his put-on cap was up to standard at the level of a breast. It while I not so basketball growth. Likely, the great city could have also more solid mayor.

At the beginning of the career Yury Luzhkov worked as the director in the Moscow NPO Neftekhimavtomatika where he was nicknamed to “cloud“. Nicknamed and for external similarity to the Italian dictator, and for style of communication with workers. As a rule, Luzhkov did not stand on ceremony with subordinated. Evil tongues say that during one of business trips to the province for the distinguished guest from Moscow local companions bought a heap of any delicacies. At them in the eyes Yury Mikhaylovich took seat in the hotel room on a bed, having crossed legs in Turkish, and began to eat all this, being enough with hands directly from paper. It made indelible impression on provincials.

... During rule of the mayor Luzhkov Moscow became the city, most expensive to accommodation, in the world, New - York, Paris and London is more expensive. In Moscow a huge abyss between the rich and the poor: the income of 10% of the richest capital inhabitants in forty times more, than the income of 10% of the poorest Muscovites (in all the civilized world this ratio does not exceed fifteen, and on average equals to six). In Moscow the frequency of murders makes 9,6 on 100 000 inhabitants a year that at the population in 10 million people puts it on the fifth place in a rating of the most life-threatening cities of the world. In detail about Yu. Luzhkov`s activity within the last twenty years it is possible to read in B. Nemtsov report “Luzhkov. Results“, which is placed on the Internet.

Yury Luzhkov is called the last tsar of Moscow, however, instead of a crown he prefers to wear a cap. As the politician it is the fulfilled material as on the trouble dared to explain to mister Medvedev that that at all and not the president. To explain to Medvedev that he is not a president, at us in the country only one person, and this person obviously not Luzhkov can.

And now we will try to study other warring party. Most of analysts believe that promotional campaign in federal mass media against the Moscow mayor is headed by Vladislav Surkov. Vladislav Yuryevich holds a position of the First Deputy Chief of the Russian President`s Executive Office. On the father he is Dudaev and, respectively, the Chechen on a nationality. Birthday of Surkov coincides happy birthday Luzhkov - on September 21. Isn`t that so, symbolical coincidence.

V. Surkov studied at the Moscow institute of steel and alloys, and also at the Moscow institute of culture at faculty of direction of the mass dramatized representations, however did not finish training. Anyway with training, and Surkov very are successful mass representations. He holds in the hand all domestic policy (policy, but not financial streams). Here and in the history with the mayor Luzhkov TV viewers with a sinking heart monitor series which were put by the director Slava.

They say that Vladislav Yuryevich very much loves puppet theaters. Meeting of doll characters at his first wife Yulia Vishnevskaya is considered one of the biggest in the world. Whether there is a doll of the Moscow mayor there, it is difficult to tell. Patriots claim that Yulia Vishnevskaya is a sister of Maria Vishnevskaya, Anatoly Chubais`s wife. Likely, it is the myth, and here mutual hostility of Chubais and current Moscow mayor - piece very much even real.

Bede Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov is that for the last two decades he got too large number of influential enemies. Here it is possible to remember the governor of the Moscow region Gromov, Zhirinovsky, Chubais, and now here and Medvedev. Luzhkov is, of course, a notable beekeeper, but packs of fighting bees even he has no. As the politician at it has no future owing to age (74 years) and impossibility to become the oppositionist at the available background.

However and the warring party in the history with Luzhkov received essential damage, first of all, image. In the face of those voters that will come to parliamentary elections of 2011 - go years and presidential 2012 - go, two power verticals (federal and Moscow) met in a deadly clinch. Only the future will show whether there was at the same time an annihilation, mutual destruction to politically lethal outcome.

* * *

... There are modes which owing to the situation which developed in the state long stagnate, and can disappear only by annihilation of own components. Such situation is observed here and now, in Russia the beginnings of the second decade 21 - go centuries. Certainly, to the current Mayor of Moscow the worthy place in a political food chain is prepared; at the Kremlin wall he will hardly be buried. And annihilation will continue.