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Donguluk or life of the simple person

is offered to your attention the materials based on real life of the simple person . Sources, parents, the deep childhood and adolescence, study at the Riga institute of engineers of Civil aviation, work in the Ural joint aviagroup and the Ural branch of the Republican state enterprise “Kazaeronavigation“. Friends, colleagues, a family, acquaintances and neighbors All vital stages are described on absolutely reliable basis, have no art editions and, in the basis, have only the facts. Separate sections on history of aviation of Uralsk, from the moment of the first flight, Civil war, the Great Patriotic War, post-war development, Perestroika decline.

Donguluk or life of the simple person

In life of each person, comes the moment of judgment of past life sooner or later. Obviously, such moment came also at me. If to face the truth, then such thoughts came and earlier, but owing to some employment at work and the inherited natural laziness, to the embodiment of plans of the description of the life, hands did not reach. Now, thanks to “not dusty“ work, such opportunity appeared especially as it is possible to write not with the simple handle, and using equipment, fantastic for me, in the form of the old Pentium 2 computer which absolutely incidentally got to me is obvious not according to the status of a post, at modernization of computer our equipment financially - economic department which role every day everything grows in our especially technical enterprise and grows, and people on whose staunch shoulders incredible responsibility for increase in production, our dear and in public elected President determined by the next message lies, in process of increase in production also grow; their growth is advanced at the same time by growth of the production, and job evaluation in national currency of the ordinary accountant who in due time left secondary school and some courses is not one many lower than a similar assessment of leading experts of production. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the subsequent vocational training of toilers of accounts department at the numerous State universities which are successfully functioning at us now in each city, the area and, there are even cases, in the aul and, nevertheless, issuing the diploma following the results of the correspondence semi-annual study, and also two diplomas of a nation-wide sample about the termination of a higher educational institution are frequent, and the specialization specified in the diploma, on unclear, and can be quite clear, to the reasons, in absolute accuracy coincides with specialization in the main direction of a production activity of such graduate. Of what only miracles our modern, so-called market is not capable.

But all this retreats, and even not lyrical, just like that was necessary to the word. So all - occurred why suddenly pulled on the history. The reason is a little banal, the place of work, new to me, stopped being new, the duties are quite limited, and at the existing confusion in functions and responsibility, it is possible just to do nothing, or to create visibility of some activity, doing at the same time the worried look for people around; moreover, any initiative, not to mention production rushes are, as a rule, estimated negatively, both colleagues, and command. Earlier I quite often met such, once the honored, but in due time not promoted for various reasons on service, obviously aging workers for whom functions became so ordinary and uninteresting that they just do not carry out them; enjoying the age some earlier deserved favor of command and the saved-up know-how, they redistribute the duties between colleagues and subordinated if those are, and just do nothing. To expel such expert there is nothing, to work with him quite tiresomely because nothing responsible can be charged to it, in communication, except obviously expressed demagogy, there is nothing, and the only merit is that such worker, is very careful and, as a rule, is not capable to cause the actions any loss that in aircraft in which I have honor to work from the date of the termination of institute is very important. Being quite vigorous in young years, during the work in expeditious change of maintenance of planes, I could not understand the reason of similar behavior; in mature years when I directed already quite numerous group of highly qualified specialists, in process of accumulation of experience with people, the philosophy, manners and morals of such people were perceived more naturally.

As a rule, a self-assessment of the person is slightly higher, than perception of its actions by people around. Only very strong people, in my life there were enough such examples too, are capable to commensurate sincerely the level of the knowledge, skills and the personal contribution to the common cause, with an assessment of their actions by the management and colleagues, such people work to extreme old age and carry the status of the irreplaceable person on production though some of them, holding earlier deserved authority, begin to use cunning, external behavior as if agreeing with the situation, and in soul consider themselves a little deprived, concealing in themselves offenses to convenient combination of circumstances at which collected the rough protest which consequences for people around it is difficult to predict pours out in frank and is unpredictable. Such people can be understood too; in the conditions of “the developed socialism“ criteria of professionalism were, to put it mildly, a little distorted, and in modern conditions when came to the power, on concepts of people of my generation, frank adventurers if not to tell, thieves, similar estimates and criteria carry to natural character the opposite, that is competent and skilled professional naturally becomes the potential competitor and is forced to work “without leaning out“ and externally without accenting the abilities, otherwise very possibly active counteraction of its activity at all levels; the income of the employer and the most part of ordinary performers depend on the end results of work of the enterprise having federal submission and an old management system of management a little now; some visible result of activization of work of the enterprises is based on the material and working resources which remained from stagnant time.

The market of labor did not come yet; in the conditions of minimum admissible level of production and some surplus of experts, actions on replacement of potential competitors take very sophisticated forms as ordinary, unresourceful, in most part very ordinary people, without special difficulties and with rather low inquiries, are capable to provide quite successfully developed level of production, and that the increase of outputs which is constantly proclaimed from high stands further declarative character does not leave, competent and initiative experts in this situation remain unclaimed. Alas, so was always, I am more and more convinced of it, from height of the age and the saved-up life experience. An immemorial question of the one who brought a bigger contribution to this or that achievement, the performer or the head. Who made an atomic bomb, Sakharov or Beria who won war, Stalin or Zhukov. It is obvious that one cannot exist without another, however realize it to the direct performer very and very not easy, but the head of any rank does not doubt that without its management in general all achievements would be impossible. All this is old as the world, there is nothing new in similar conclusion as there is no definite answer, probably, and. Quite really estimating the abilities throughout all the life, I tried to adhere to “the median line“, however examples of similar behavior of people in my environment noted very little, or the circle of people was very limited, or strongly did not pay attention to it, but, I think that in general it is not enough decent people, defending “place in the sun“, people neglect obvious standards of behavior, to please the low instincts.

I do not think that my thoughts will be interesting to a wide range of readers, except my few acquaintances and, not less few relatives, however, in the evening of life, counted by need at least to describe the, on the one hand difficult and heavy, and on the other hand, from my positions, quite decent if not to tell a wonderful life. That fact in itself that from many milliard probability I appeared on this world, already rather unique fact of the nature and it would be silly to deny its positive character personally for me. To rejoice internally to existence a fate of all conceiving people, regardless of, whether the president of the enormous country or the criminal condemned on life imprisonment though external manifestations of people not always coincide with it. Many in a fit of temper damn the life for its difficulties and injustice, but everyone is glad for it at heart and it is very a pity that, finally, result only one and nobody will be able to ignore it or to change.

I began to write the notes more than ten years ago when really there was an opportunity to be engaged in it, in connection with general “disorder“ (otherwise I cannot call various times “Perestroika“ and others in any way), I was forced to pass to less responsible work and temporary and technical capabilities for this purpose appeared. Since then enough a lot of things changed and perceived from height of my years a little in a different way, as far as possible I will correct the records before publication, but the general perception of life remained firm, life is fine and surprising and vital happiness consists in her perception that as she developed and not to try “to rewrite a life draft copy“, yet anybody and ever managed it. In this sense I envy deeply believing people, but, alas, I cannot accept their position for many reasons. Became interested in youth in religion, read much, with great difficulty “got“ primary sources and fundamental literature on this matter, however did not find the plausible and evidence-based facts in them. My theoretical preparation, vital practice and real life did not give reasons for doubts in this question. The modern and competent person cannot perceive seriously religion in that its understanding as it is treated by truly believing. Nevertheless, I respect their position and never undertook any measures for antireligious promotion, probably owing to the natural qualities of non-interference to others life, has to tell, as I up to the end did not understand so far the life and, in this regard, I have no moral right for it.

I will try to describe life that as it was, unvarnished and inventions in spite of the fact that I am the person interested. However I always considered myself as the honest person and to try to give myself for something outstanding not in my vital principles. For what all this, quite lawful question. To answer it, on the one hand it is very simple, with another - it is almost impossible. It is very difficult to agree with what expects you quite predicted, but nevertheless the end. The person cannot (or does not want) it to realize up to the end. Various civilizations in own way solved this known throughout all existence of the homo sapiens. I very much envy, for example, ours brothers to Kazakhs. They had simple, but very effective, a system of information on the family trees. The child since small years, from lips of grandmothers or grandfathers, is constantly told information to the 13th knee of his relatives. Having hardly learned to speak, it, in turn bending fingers on hands, repeats: my father - Atylbek, the father of my father - Sarsynbay, the father of my grandfather - Bakhyt and so on to the 13th generation. Certainly, on it, quite long time span, there were also uncommon persons about whom also tribespeople knew, thus, the origin of the person was determined by his family line quite really, convincingly and confirmed not only statements of close relatives, but also other representatives of ethnos.

Even at the Soviet power this very and very useful attribute of life of Turkic peoples, did not disappear. At any meeting, even very and very modern, cultural and senior representatives of these people, directly and openly, or the latent form, become clear from what sort your interlocutor in the beginning. There is an instant, put in the deep childhood mental analysis, the general relatives and just familiar are looked for and, strangely enough to us to realize it, after short preliminary conversation, both partners quite authentically can judge about each other. We have this tradition or is lost, or it never was, and it is a pity. I, for example, which - that I know about the grandfathers, and any more I do not know anything about great-grandfathers. And the person who lost the roots cannot count on the happy future though he also does not realize it, owing to limitation of duration of the biological life. Useful experience of ancestors could be used more effectively for the subsequent generations, and the made mistakes in life have to be sounded too, for the purpose of prevention of their prevention in the subsequent generations.

However here it is very important not to be overzealous, ridiculously attempts of some people “to enter“ themselves in a certain noble family tree look now. In this case in people tells only own vanity and these attempts, naturally, will not give any help to descendants, though who knows, it is necessary to begin with something. But need of my work there is enough philosophy, I think, proved enough, I start directly the description.

In the summary, for the purpose of an explanation of those, or other actions and acts, throughout life, I will be involuntarily forced to address the description of business and personal qualities of the persons surrounding me; in advance I bring deep apologies if those, or other moments are reflected, in your opinion, not absolutely correctly, I do not aspire to it, just I assume to be extremely honest and to display everything as felt it and saw itself as I know what I can know at the level and, perhaps, possessing more extensive information, could state everything a little in other look. I will be grateful for possible comments and hints as possibilities of one person, naturally, are limited and the old age does not allow to remember many moments and nuances.

The description of my life comes to an end with “drudgeries“ in the status of the unemployed in February, 2010, I assume to write down the further narration in other section or the blog of the website to the physical death if my health and financial position allows, the Internet everything is quite expensive piece in my situation. Already there are offers on placement on the website of materials of my friends and acquaintances, companions on study in Riga Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner, a name of Lenin Komsomol institute of engineers of Civil aviation, my employees in the Ural airline and the Ural branch of Kazaeronavigation, look for schoolmates on Burlinsky high school. I assume that something will turn out, I will be grateful to all for visit of the website and comments on its registration and quality of the prepared materials, I guarantee placement of any materials on a website profile, yours faithfully, of Donguluk.