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Jeans of the coming season. What they? Whether

A are known by you that the name of the most fashionable and popular jeans clothes came from the word Genoa (in English Genoa)? Yes, quite so all also was...

About 160 years ago (in 1853) the enterprising Bavarian Levi Strauss who emigrated to California opened shop on tailoring of working clothes for miners there. Supply of fabric was conducted from the Italian city of Genoa. And, naturally, huge rolls of material were stamped by a name of this city - Genoa. This Americans called fabric on the of manners: jeans - jeans distorted from “genoas“, that is “Genoa“.

Initially brown color material intended for tailoring of tents and awnings. Straussu came to mind a brilliant idea to apply it to production of a uniform. Soon stocks of bales with a canvas ended, and the businessman signed the new contract on deliveries with French. Now it was strong serge of indigo color from the city Nym. In French sounded as De Nym (De Nimes) - from Nym. So there was a new name of a denim jean jacket.

But as fabric was strong, nevertheless pockets of trousers and overalls from it did not maintain the heavy tool of workers. Then in 1873 metal rivets which became stronger on the top corners of pockets were for the first time applied, thereby prolonging term socks. The new, convenient and rather strong clothes intended for miners quickly removed to farmers and cowboys of America. And soon and the female paid the attention to jeans. Since then they by right carry the status a unisex.

The era of hippie begins. As a sign of freedom and rebellious spirit from denim began to sew jackets, skirts, dresses, sundresses. Gradually the dzhinsa turns into a popular subject of clothes of any dandy or woman of fashion, strongly winning hearts not only Americans of middle-income, but also Europeans. When jeans appear in the Soviet Union, morally steady Party members with hostility reject capitalist trends alien to them. The Soviet youth of that time with great difficulty wins the right to wear “enemy“ clothes. The few lucky become owners of ultrafashionable panties. To give them stylishness and an originality, dandies artificially give them an attrition, sew various labels, decorate them with additional rivets. Time of changes in Russia, opening of the Iron Curtain introduces the amendments in the jeans movement. From this point jeans are available practically to each Russian. The market teems with convenient and durable jeans dresses.

Then the boom and on fashionable podiums of the world begins. Designers at last paid attention to trousers, simple on a cut. Simple classical jeans undergo various metamorphoses. Not only that fashion designers experiment with a pattern, they begin to combine successfully rough fabric with a refined embroidery, apply pastes and beads in registration, sew various tapes, decorate them with author`s prints. In due time the eminent couturier Yves Saint Laurent told: “I regret only that not I invented blue jeans. They amazingly look, also povsednevna are practical, convenient. They are expressive and constrained, in them - call of a floor and simplicity, say, all I would like to have in clothes which I think out“.

Speaking about coming a season of 2010 - 2011 , we will note that jeans with the underestimated waistline leave on a background. Relay is accepted by so-called corsets which do any figure faultless, cleaning at least 5 - 6 cm a waist, doing tummies tightened and flat. At the same time outlines and bends look naturally. The intricate lacing, beautiful buttons, zipper can settle down behind, ahead, sideways or to be sewed in lateral vertical reliefs. By means of such receptions jeans - corsets only win, giving us feminity, sexuality and elegance. By councils of stylists under a corset it is possible to put on romantic satin or from dense silk a blouse. It will be fine to be combined with them and a simple shirt.

Style grunge remains at popularity peak - zaloma and imitation of an attrition are actual in design of jean jackets. Still there are in fashion of a patch, negligent holes, tops. A difference between granzhevsky jeans of the past and the come season only that now they have to be more an easy fit. To finish the image in this style, pick up in couple to jeans - grunge a tunic, a t-shirt with a print. The unpretentious white top will perfectly look with them also.

As for flare then it is necessary to pay attention to a little changed cut. Jeans have to sit ideally on hips, emphasize a waist, gradually, without excesses, extend on all length of a trouser-leg. Such model is called a flare from a hip. Its motto: “Convenience! Practicality! Universality!“. They effectively look on slender and high women. Wide jeans not only are perfectly combined with sweaters of large knitting, volume jackets, free jackets, but also with the polo-necks filled inside. The wide leather belt which is slightly lowered a little on hips can serve as addition.

Lovers of panties “in an oblipochka“ should refuse low landing . Now in fashion the jeans fitting tightly and correcting a camp in a waist. The model in covering visually extends a figure, bringing closer it to an ideal. Their length can be different. Everything depends on your flavoring preferences. It is possible to choose trousers up to an ankle a la Charlie. It is possible in over size style when the pant leg completely closes a high heel or gathers below an accordion. Suggest to combine tight jeans in the current season with short knitted dresses, average length tops, the flying tunics. As option it can be knitted jackets with hoods, the shortened jackets.

The color scheme any jeans can vary from a classical denim to is unpredictable bright. But fashion designers stake nevertheless on grayish shades. Black color of jeans also in a favor. Here everything depends on your flavoring preferences.

At the choice of jeans do not forget also about accessories to them. It is desirable to pick up a fashionable original belt, a beautiful stylish bag or a clutch. Style 90 - x comes back and therefore again in vanguard of ornament under an antique metallic. It can be bracelets in the form of a chain of coins, a necklace with the disks decorated with unique stamping, volume earrings.

The heel of your footwear which you are going to put on to jeans can be both high, and absolutely flat. Fortunately, now without problems it is possible to find any model of footwear. The most important here - to consider compatibility of the picked-up styles.

Councils councils, but let feeling of own style and irresistibility in the acquired new thing will bring you only positive emotions. Only in this case you will feel comfortable and surely, walking on streets of the hometown.