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What to take in a trip to Malta?

the Treasured permit to Malta is received. The hotel at last is chosen. Oh, and hard this was a task at it - that their quantity on Malta! The departure is reserved. The visa to Malta, an insurance. Everything is all right? We begin to pack a suitcase.

Men, to you it will be uninteresting further. Throw in a sports bag, everything that will be pure. And if that is not found, be not upset. In shops on Malta the choice of clothes worthy. Buy everything that will be required, near hotel. If you forget dark glasses, you will get directly at the airport. Without them on Malta it will hardly want to go outside in a bright sunny day. You can watch soccer on TV so far. This article will be more interesting to women.

So, ladies, we start. And what to us to put in a suitcase to decorate with itself Malta? There is a lot of flowers on islands (there even cactuses blossom constantly), but one more in a bouquet will not prevent!

You fly to Malta in June - August? You can consider as improbable luck if you happen to see cloudlets in the sky. Even do not dream of a rain! Of course, you can put an umbrella. It very is useful if the sun burns very much. And also, when you will return back to Moscow. But we will not be about sad now. Well-known blue sky of Sicily... So Sicily, that in only 90 kilometers from Malta! Also it is visible it in good weather. The Maltese sky on blue does not concede to it at all! Something we distracted from the main subject...

More will carry with the rain that who flies to Malta in September - October. But long heavy rain will not be. And will not sadden to you holiday even a temporary cold snap at all.

November - December usually pleases residents of Malta with pouring rains and thunder-storms. But tourists strongly are not upset because these months the swimming season already comes to an end, and in the museums and restaurants is dry and warm.

In January - February on Malta it is usually cool (in about 15 - 20 afternoon) and is dry, rains are rare and short. Nothing will prevent you to examine all sights and to be glad lives on a carnival.

The spring can sometimes indulge with the small drizzling rain. But how without it when on Malta everything is dismissed around and blossoms? Ah, this smell of the blossoming orange trees... Yes that all of us distract - that?

With weather, it seems, everything is clear. The last winter on Malta was extremely cold. In the afternoon temperature fell to 12 degrees, at night to +8 reached. Maltese with fear got somewhere elegant fur coats. But they did not manage to become fashionable finally as the spring came.

For walks in the winter on ancient small streets take a jacket. On fur it is not necessary! If you want, you can put boots in a suitcase. Boots at the Maltese women of fashion in big honor. Once the sandal removes, right there dress up.

Take care of having in the clothes not only open tops. Something more modest is required to you at visit of cathedrals, and also if God forbid, burn on the sun. Convenient jeans, trousers - bridges will appear very opportunely at all seasons of the year. And in a cave ancient it is possible to get into them, and to go to night club.

Footwear - only very convenient, easy, on a low heel. Malta - the rocky island, the majority of streets go under a bias. And believe, elegantly you will not manage to pace on heels on walk. You can take pair of shoes on hairpins for a ceremonial exit. But by the morning you will damn these heels. Especially, if to dance all night long by motor ship - a disco!

The cosmetics can be left safely at home. During a heat in the summer the make-up just itself slips from a face. And in the winter on Malta - nearly 100% humidity and effect of a make-up is washed away as in fog. But do not forget to take sun-protection cosmetics in the summer. The choice in the Maltese drugstores is, but will be of it twice more expensive, precisely.

Lack of a make-up needs to be compensated by earrings more and more long. You will look absolutely on - Maltese. And bracelets take a couple! Do not forget to stock up on an arrival with a fan. This traditional accessory is very popular on Malta.

The suitcase, it seems, is ready. It is possible to call men. They, of course, will tell that all this is not interesting to them at all. But then, on - silent, all will study thoroughly.