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How to struggle with bad mood? (To men not to read!)

Bad mood - at whom it does not happen? All of us somehow fight against it, and is in most cases quite successful.

Probably, it is simpler to women to live in this world. We more men are subject to differences of mood in principle, and therefore to replace one mood with another - a piece of cake. To listen to favourite music, to visit beauty shop, to buy a new dress (to try on as a last resort 10 and to buy nothing), it is simple to sit in cafe and to dream - already and felt better.

If did not feel better, it is possible to throw out everything that collected, by phone to the beloved girlfriend. Then to listen to a similar stream from it, to draw a conclusion that own problems against Mashkiny grow dim, to be smeared with cream and to be filled up to sleep. And if SMS - from darling with an assurance still comes that cannot live without you, then in general elation begins even if arrival of SMS - ki tore off from a wonderful dream where absolutely other prince on a white horse...

Men for change of mood need something more global, this horse in nature. The beauty shop and a shmotkoterapiya will not approach. Here the heavy artillery - purchase of a car is necessary, for example. And purchase, fitting will not approach too. It will only upset if not to buy. So men are arranged.

The woman to worry from - for cars will not become. The manager did not object that you in her sat and that the man made couple of smart photos which can be hanged out on all Internet now! The main thing that the hairdress was not disheveled and color of a sweater was in harmony with color of a car. (Eh, all was necessary - green to get into that!) The majority of women, it is necessary to tell, cars in general only on color are distinguished. Still quantity of doors can count some.

It is possible to walk on park with the camera and to crack tremendous shots of autumn landscapes without everyone on that needs, just for the love of fine. And then, having frozen, to come home, to take a hot shower, to turn on Vivaldi`s music and to climb with a blissful look under a plaid on a favourite sofa. If also eclairs it was succeeded to buy on the road, then raising of mood is provided.

To men of it not to understand. Try to expel him in park on walk! It on foot will not go at all and even if will go, then in 5 minutes will become thirsty, to eat, smoke etc. It will turn out that he left at home cigarettes and the camera. He will begin to be called on the mobile phone, having lost in Skype, partners in business, and will even more spoil mood. Then it will be finally finished on own sofa by transfer on a TV set about some terrible tropical illness and the next movie - accident. Will fall asleep, having taken beer, and even still than what is stronger. Will turn, turn all night long over in the mind possible consequences of just seen approach of Ice Age for the new business and to compose the letter to the president with offers of global changes in the tax law.

Morning comes, the hated alarm clock calls. The man is upset that is late, and jumps like mad, and the woman - that else did not allow to have a sleep, and is wrapped more cozy in a blanket.

So, it is simpler to whom to arrange to himself happy day?