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To begin to live [TODAY]

We all life conform to the rules ...

At first we go to school, we receive good marks, for bad we are punished by parents whom a belt whom by statement in a corner whom the terrible word with a clip in addition, reasoning this action that it is necessary to be diligent at school, to attend all classes, then to you it will be rendered in the future in the person of decent work...

Here the school days which are coming to an end heavy-headed after final and unsuccessful sex with the schoolmate fly by. Then you look after to yourself HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION (and even ten, by the principle - in what will take on the budget) and give yourself on worry still approximately for 6 years of the unnecessary program of a bachelor degree with a magistracy after which most likely you will not go in the specialty...

Parents praise us, want to see us with the diploma with honors at which now nobody especially watches that (we will look to the truth in eyes), and here you already in a master cloak are on the threshold of institute and... what? what did this diploma give you? what now with it to do?

The part goes to work as selling assistants in connection with good money in the sphere of sales, others go to restaurant bartenders yes waitresses, the third become managers, accountants and other office plankton.

Live indifferently as earnings allow, buying by themselves from time to time things on which their all salary leaves, take the credits, get into debts, and so on knurled, then find to themselves the partner in life, the income is doubled now, buy to themselves the house taking a mortgage, begin to work even more diligent, their income grows but in this regard also requirements grow: new car, refrigerator, furniture. They go to the nearest bank, get to themselves a credit card and buy to themselves all new and new objects, and all bury in a financial hole more deeply (here according to this reference net/comment. php? id=44546 a hit - parade extremely financially - illiterate people). There is no time any more for itself because are long more and more, the credits are more aggressive, it is necessary to work more diligent...

And what as a result?

A as a result we have a headache, 5 days of work a week, 2 days of days off in one of which you get enough sleep, somehow you carry efficiently out to another also all on a vicious circle again. again work 5 days and 2 days of imaginary happiness.

And you dreamed of it in the childhood? You represented yourself such bore? Where all dreams where left the enthusiasm of their achievement were dissolved? And all from - for above-mentioned governed. Rules to which you conformed throughout all the conscious life: went to school, tried to receive good marks, graduated from institute and here the same, found stable work - stable, not that which would be pleasant you of which you would be proud, and that which was imposed by these worthless rules.

“But whether not to go to me for work?“, - I thought. Also did not go.

Work ... the most hated for many the word, especially in the morning when there is a wish to have a sleep hour or so another once again and that nobody reprimanded you in the subsequent for such trick.

I met enough people who work for years at the same place, complain of a low salary, wash out bones to the administration at any opportunity, but nothing is changed in the life. Are afraid to leave a familiar spot... Cowardice... Fear... call as you want, but it does not change a picture. Fear of uncertainty, if I leave the current work whether I will be able to find something at the level, outside crisis. Fear to appear in poverty. Fear to be incapable to pay the credit for the car etc. At it too eyes are big. There will pass some more years, and even tens, all of you will also complain, but undertake nothing. Will undertake those who from above rather, will dismiss you and will be that.

Here studying at school, you dreamed to appear where you earn to yourself and life now?

Besides, all these rules, rules of stability, the rule of wellbeing brought you to a circle where an exit directly before you, but you persistently refuse to notice it.

Work ... you seriously think to be engaged all life in it??? If yes, and it is your path, your door, you really aspired and dreamed this work, and were provided with it. That I am only extremely glad for you, in that case at you everything will turn out. You will develop, become more kvalifitsirovanny and it it will be valid you to please.

We will consider other option when you do not accept your activity at all?

You do not hurry to throw. You will always manage. Be defined where to you is the most comfortable. Can be to you it is pleasant to draw, and the musical personality can you and you do not allow neighbors to sleep the amateur performance in the evenings, perhaps you easily find a common language with other people, the great programmer writing magnificent programs can you.

Variations the great variety and among them definitely is also yours. So having decided on itself, on the desires, we will call it introspection, you defined also the vital purpose. You already on a right way! It is always difficult to begin. Remember as learned to ride the bicycle.

Thus, having made a choice, you can already look for the place of work where such people as you, are required. Let salary and not too high, but it for a while. Sincere interest the kind of activity will ennoble you so, as far as possible and there is no limit of this opportunity.

Business in you, it is sure, everything will come true, otherwise should not be!

If you are not an old man, and it is ready to change - that favor for the sake of. May god speed you. You have all opportunities to get out of this system and to begin to LIVE, but not to pull the existence.

Life is given us only 1 time, it is necessary to spend this time that in 80 years not to be sorry about time which passed is gray and is dim.

That grandsons spaced out, listening about your adventures, victories and failures.