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Whether it is good to work in the foreign companies?

Many young specialists seek to get a job in the foreign companies. But whether so everything is unambiguous with foreign employers and what needs to be meant at employment in foreign firm?

First of all, I want to explain that “the foreign company“ - the concept “extensible“. Actually not all companies positioning themselves as foreign are those. And the firms applying for “zapadnost“ actually can not be the western companies. And vice versa: the companies declaring themselves as domestic can actually belong to foreign owners.

Here it is important to understand one circumstance: the company tries to position itself in the market and creates public opinion about itself thus as it is favorable to it. The real situation can differ from what is propagandized by PR - managers.

There are several often found examples:

1) the domestic company working according to the franchize, but declaring itself everywhere as the western brand;

2) the firm from the country of “the third world“ making production under a brand of the known company;

3) firm, even if also western, but little-known, being the exclusive partner of the eminent company in the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.;

4) joint venture where local founders “drive“, but the western brand is actively untwisted.

In all these cases true information on an origin of the company if does not disappear from the general public then it is not advertized.

Also there are many “not branded“ foreign employers (or the companies whose brands are known only in certain territories), and also the private firms opened by the foreigners living in the territory of the CIS.

The organizational form the foreign company - the employer (and, respectively, a number of staff) also matters. Simply foreign mission from several people is one. And the large subsidiary of the foreign company with several plants in Russia and the CIS is absolutely another.

The following important point is management , i.e. that for the person or people (from what countries and with what outlook) are at a wheel in this even if really foreign, the companies. Here absolutely different situations are possible too. Management can be western, mixed, domestic, from the third countries,

presented by our former compatriots, etc. Is also other nuances. For example, it is important, as occurs distribution of powers between head firm and management of foreign branch in what country there is an office which is responsible for the CIS countries (or this country), etc. But we will not go deep so far.

Further. Style of the management and orders in firm will depend on from what country this firm originates. At all possible distinctions, nevertheless, at the foreign employers belonging to the same country common features are often traced. Not everyone from them can cause delight in workers.

Here, for example, what the applicant who unsuccessfully got a job in foreign firm can meet:

- lack of the accurate line at the management, inconsistency;

- attempts “to outwit“ applicants and workers;

- practice to make empty promises;

- lack of career development;

- extremely negative attitude to dismissals.

This list not full.

Moreover, it is impossible even to tell that the western company is an ideal option for any applicant. The western company of the western company - discord.

Thus, there is no definite answer to a question whether it is good to work in the foreign company. It depends also on the concrete company (with its concrete management, policy of owners, territorial submission, etc.), and on that, that is a priority for you in work, than you are ready to offer and what to reconcile to.

I wish to get a job to such employer where your expectations completely would correspond to reality!