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Whether you know what is a gas concrete?

Of what to build the house? The question is very actual presently: construction materials the great variety, the prices different, is a lot of offers …

If your choice fell on so-called “cellular concrete“ - we will study in more detail its characteristics. In other words, we learn that such a gas concrete .

The gas concrete is one of types of cellular concrete (his direct relative - the foam concrete ) representing an artificial stone with a spherical time - bubbles with a diameter of 1-3 mm. They have to be evenly raspredelyona on all volume of material - its quality is defined by this parameter. This material by heat treatment of sand, lime, cement and water in the autoclave is made. Notice - the gas concrete only from environmentally friendly and qualitative components is made that is important from the point of view of environmental friendliness of the building.

The gas concrete still of in 1889 by Czech Goffman who sought to give to widely known ancient material - concrete - ease and the increased durability was invented and patented. For this purpose chloride salts which emitted gas were added to solutions of plaster and cement in various concentration of acid also - and material became porous. Gazoobrazovateli used further different - both aluminum powders, and zinc. In 1929 in Ytong firm industrial release of a gas concrete was begun.

In Russia the gas concrete appeared in the middle of the 20th century. Cheap and material rather easy in use began to be applied everywhere, without imposing special requirements in its quality.

The gas concrete is processed at high temperature and pressure - so, it is easier and stronger than the majority of modern building materials . It is not forgotten about a time - material “breathes“. Plus at the identical durability gas-concrete blocks is warmer than blocks from foam concrete.

The ready hardened material is cut on gas-concrete blocks of various form - from traditional rectangular to arch and U - figurative. Such gas-blocks also become a basis of walls and constructive elements of the building subsequently . So, now it is possible to order at construction on the building site “designer“ from gas-concrete blocks - and it will be necessary only to collect from them the house.

However not everything is so simple, apparently, - during the work with a gas concrete special technologies of construction are applied. At construction of the building only the special way of a laying of gas-concrete blocks - only with use of special glues is allowed.

Too it is better to entrust system of ventilation in a design from gas-concrete blocks to the professional.

And in end of the review - one more pleasant property of material: it is very plastic and easily gives in to processing . Elementary - a saw and a chisel. The gas concrete can be cut on any forms and at any angle, including a bevel and an inclination.

That is it can be used and as decorative material during the work on internal and external finishing of buildings and rooms.

Laying of communications will not cause special problems, channels under wires, cables, pipes can be cut through the manual tool.